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  1. First thing I said to my girlfriend was: "They kept him British!" I guess I missed that in the news. I'm not sure how I feel about it off that one trailer. I'm going to give it a watch for awhile and see what gathers from one season. If anything it'll be good to have some kind of incarnation that is closer to the comic even if it is a little watered down. I chuckled at the last line, too.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pK2zYHWDZKo
  3. Mike Carey's run was where I actually started buying Hellblazer month to month. I liked the huge mega plot he crafted for the most part. I loved A Game of Cat and Mouse, Bred in the Bone, The Gift and R.S.V.P. There was some excellent writing there. I also liked what Carey did with #200, but after that and the introduction of the Constantine spawn, the run struggled to me. Manco's art sure did fall apart too. Tim Bradstreets covers were edgy and sharp, though. Let's not forget him for putting up some of the usernames here on the cover of 214.
  4. I came out of my "Hellblazer retirement" for this one. I had to see how it all ended. Given all the responces to the issues over the years I didn't really find it nessisary to track down old issues. That said, I find both convienent and disconcerning that this ending, lacking any real substance and clarity, could be read all on its own. I got what Mark speculated. If that's indeed a plausible interpretation, then I find it fitting; dodgy execution but still fitting to me.* So that's it for me. I won't be bothered with "Constantine". The John Constantine I know is gone. So long. *but I'm a pessimist and this is how I really feel.
  5. J. White


    That's from Superman: Earth One, right?
  6. I was introduced to Vertigo and "mature comics" when I discovered "Preacher" and not long after I came across Hellblazer. If I remember buying issue four or five of "Haunted" from Warren Ellis's run (although Azzarello was the current writer at the time). I was smack dab in the middle of a the storyline without any real context with the issue I was reading. It didn't matter. I was hooked. It was a whirlwind of gathering and collecting after that. I started buying the title regularly once Mike Carey begun writing and stuck with it up until Peter Milligan took over. So, Ellis hooked me, Carey kept me along for the ride.
  7. HELLBLAZER #300 Written by Peter Milligan, art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Stefano Landini, cover by Simon Bisley. Final issue! It's the heart-rending conclusion of "Death and Cigarettes" -- and the end of Vertigo's longest running series. John Constantine has escaped, cheated, narrowly avoided and even reversed death on multiple occasions over the past 25 years. Now, we will test whether the old boy has one more second chance in him. An epic, oversized special issue celebrating everything that makes John Constantine so bloody unique. 48 pages, $4.99, in stores on Feb. 20.
  8. I haven't read anything past "Scab" from Peter Milligan's run. Given all the reactions over the years as to what came after it, I'm glad I stopped buying the comic. Still, Hellblazer was a comic I enjoyed reading and collecting and I'm sad to see it cancelled. I agree that another writer should have taken over before it got to this point, but if John Constantine was being tortured by bad writing to the point that he was no longer the same character I enjoyed reading...I say this is for the best.
  9. It's supposedly a sequel of sorts and takes place after X-Men: The Last Stand And here's this...
  10. That last part with "The Bat" was a little out of place. I'm still digging it. I find myself anticipating Bane more than any other aspect of the film.
  11. Yep. Costume designer said they didn't make any real changes to it, but hinted at one major change that was spoilerish to the storyline. My guess...
  12. I'm really looking forward to this! I can't put my finger on why, either. From the trailer, especially, the second one, Andrew Garfield makes me think he'll do fine in the role of Parker. I was never really a fan of Tobey Maguire to be honest.
  13. I don't see this as the style Nolan would use but it's still pretty wicked: Fan-made opening credits to The Dark Knight Rises
  14. Knightfall was/is the only thing I've read with Bane. Like Mark said, it's crap.
  15. I haven't seen the prologue. There was a blurry, boot-legged version up for a little while but I didn't even bother with it because it was too hard to hear/see. I DID see the trailer, though. It was very good. The first thing I thought of after seeing it was how fucked Batman (and Gotham et all) are with Bane looking to do some serious damage. Interesting that they're setting this movie eight years after the events of "The Dark Knight". I had to read about that but it is implied it takes place a good while after it. They chose some good lines of dialogue for it, too. Anna Hathaway has the best line in it and the delivery of that one line gives me proof she's going to do just fine as Catwoman. There's no way this movie with be anything but, at the very least, great.
  16. Love that teaser. I think it gives just enough. Remember "The Dark Knight" teaser? No scenes, just dialogue and it worked well.
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