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  1. GenGris

    Big books of comics

    stations of the cross. should i have posted this elsewhere? i was actually in the comic shop doing something else (getting a dvd ...) the salesperson saw me and recognized me (i have no idea why she recognized me - the last time i was there, i was looking for anime/manga) and she told me they had stations of the cross so i ambled over and got it but when i got home i just stared at it and havent opened it yet maybe tonight i wasnt in the right mood to read john con ... and i want to go home now and sleep which is weird, cause i slept at 10:00 pm, woke up at 7:15am and that, is amazing, for me.
  2. i'm glad a few said happy Lou, Ning, and Atticus. happy.
  3. blond locks all awry or funny enough, when it's cut very short or rain (Christian will probably understand this...)
  4. GenGris

    Hellblazer # ???

    i was just going to say the goblin isnt really gone he visits, every once in a while... like me i just visit more often than him...
  5. GenGris

    Just Lyra

    hello lyra
  6. You mean Rogan could speak Spanish as well?
  7. Yes. I wonder if they'll get here though. I still havent checked my Conan comics... and I wont be able to do so until i quit hobbling
  8. I can wait. Thank you Jason. And well, your seals were intact. They just wanted me to pay the "postal" inspection fee.
  9. I meant those of "us" who like Conan mucho. Really? in 3 neat little volumes?! I had to read a lot of books...as in a lot. How would they fit in 3 neat little volumes? It would be like the Complete Sherlock Holmes. I mean THAT thick. Did it have teeny weeny print? But alas, they arent mine. they belong to a brilliant lawyer who took post grad lawyering degrees in GERMAN! He's Filipino, btw.
  10. Did you ever read the Conan books, Tony? Howard's.
  11. you shouldnt say things like that. anyway. i'm already indebted to you so ... if i think of anything to trade with, i'll let you know. besides, it does almost take forever, doesnt it?
  12. There's an old thread on this... I think. I tend to spend more on books but ever since John Con well, i tend to spend a lot more - well, because trying to catch up, you know, and IN this country oh well. answer is. I dont know. I dont ever compute. Not really. Just may shock me. So I dont. And I majored in Finance. But see, the trick is - make all the other stuff payables and the rest ... well it's mad money.
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