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  1. Just watch Man on Fire and replace Denzel's name in the movie into Frank Castle. Not a bad suggestion. Awesome movie. Also has Trent Reznor doing the soundtrack, so that helps.
  2. So frustrating! Such a fantastic comic and it just sucks seeing it pissed all over the screen like that. I'm going to just pretend it's just a really bad trailer, and be happy.
  3. I like your way of thinking, Tig. Otherwise, I agree with Twilight, not much to go on there, although I think looks wise, he makes a better Punisher than Thomas Jane, he looks older and tougher and more grizzled. Of course I want to see it. He is an absolutely great actor from what I saw of him in the "Rome" Showtime series. If the story/director are at all good I think he'll pull it off nicely.
  4. It's just a "personality" conflict. He just sort of rubs me the wrong way, I guess.
  5. I love the concept of Hellboy, as far as the origins and stuff. But I hate the character himself. Despite that, I really want to see this movie. I simply looks awesome, visually speaking.
  6. I read that novel! I don't know if he wrote the first Hulk movie, but I wouldn't be surprised. I can tell you he wrote the Iron Man novelization, though, and it was dead on.
  7. I read the Incredible Hulk novelization, by Peter David. (yes, I'm that nerdy) The story is solid. I actually enjoyed the read. It gave me some hope!
  8. It's illegal because it's not enforced by laws? I highlighted the parts you forgot to do so yourself. Did I mention the ticket and snack prices are overpriced? Tickets are pretty ridiulous here in the states as well, but the price of drinks and snacks has become absurd. Literally triple what you'd pay anywhere else.
  9. I'm 35 years old, and never been to a film with an intermission. They just don't happen here in the States as far as I know.
  10. I have a good feeling that the 3 hours will be well spent. My only concern is that I ALWAYS need to piss when I'm at the theatre, no matter what I do. I thought I was going to rupture during Superman Returns. Maybe this time I'll bring a wide mouth bottle with me.
  11. There's a whole blog on Tim Bradstreet's MySpace (dont' ask...) about how he's leaving the Punisher. I miss his Hellblazer as it is. The whole thing makes me sad.
  12. That was my first thought. Someone thinks they are being clever by attatching it that way, but I think it's probably a mistake.
  13. I'm so excited about this movie it's embarrassing.
  14. Hard Time is the first one to come to mind. I HATED the art, but the story was so cold blooded awesome.
  15. The bone claws made the whole thing make sense. They weren't planning on Wolverine being who Wolverine turned out to be. The claws were a surprise to them. They didn't understand why or how they developed. That is one of the clearest concepts of the whole comic. I have some hope for the movie, except for Liev Schrieber as Sabretooth. That's could ruin the whole thing for me. They fucked up Sabretooth in the first movie. He looked awesome but that was about it. Now Liev Schrieber. Seriously? I really hope I'm wrong about him. Gambit in the movie? Why not? I'm pretty neutral either way.
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