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  1. I'd put $$ down on it being SyFy (still hate that name). It's under the NBC/Universal banner. Easier to shift there, that way they can say they are still supporting it..blah blah blah. USA Network might be a strong second. But they don't really do this sort of programming, going more for safer material.
  2. Shawn

    Marvel comics

    If you looking for a classic Star Wars comic with all the main cast, then the new Marvel book by Aaron and Cassaday is for YOU! It's all done really well, giving me all I would want from a Star Wars comic. There are even a few surprises, well...as much as there can be, since we know how the story ends. Or maybe Disney/Marvel will be bold enough to let this have it's own continuity. Why not? It works for the superhero lot. The question is, do I really need a Star Wars comic? Probably not. However, should they be bold and take this into uncharted terriority....I might keep getting it.
  3. Shawn

    Marvel comics

    Marvel will kill off Deadpool in April. http://comicbook.com...th-of-deadpool/ okay, Marvel. Whatever. With all the characters Marvel is killing off it's wonder how they stay in business. Maybe that's why they are giving books Squirrel-Girl, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Ant-Man etc. They have NO ONE LEFT!!!!!! hahahaha
  4. Shawn

    Marvel comics

    I'm with Christian on Ant-Man. That was a quality story that's been long overdue for that character. I say give him some time in the spot light. Spencer does a great job of pulling the reader and gentley making you care about Scott Lang and his world. Although, I already did from his time on the Avengers and the FF. This is him sort of getting the "Hawkeye treatment", in that it's a chance for character to shine rather than overblown spectacle. And the art is rather good, in a sort of Chris Samnee sort of way. However! the only reason I won't be buying this monthly is due to my budget. So...the Unbeatable Squirrel-Girl. Oh my. It was not terrible, at all. It is exactly what it sets out to do: be a silly fun comic about a D-list character. And there's nothing wrong with that. It's somewhat more in the area of Deadpool sort of humor books. Think of a cartoon on the Disney Channel. It's an alright book that's cute and charming at times, but it's not for me. I'm sure there's an audience for it, I'm just not in it. Teenage girls (or even boys) would like this. I had the same problem with the recent Batgirl redux.
  5. Shawn

    Image Comics

    It won't be Morrison on Spawn, thank goodness!!! And it won't be Brian Wood. He submitted his script and was greatly displeased to find numerous changes. So he dropped out. It will be Jenkins. See Image thread http://hellblazer.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=9673&st=140&do=findComment&comment=368160
  6. Shawn

    Image Comics

    for those interested, Spawn will be written by Paul Jenkins. My respect for his past works will earn ONE issue. But I suspect, as before, there will touches of goodness sprinkled with MacFarlane's shitty touch. http://www.newsarama.com/23173-todd-mcfarlane-announces-new-spawn-writer-his-own-new-project-savior.html
  7. Back in my younger, more disposable income days, I had so many instances of not finding that ONE issue missing from a certain run or a mini-series or some special issue. I would search heaven and earth (all three are comic comic shops at the time.) for it and sometimes the interwebs. Good luck, Lou! May the Comic Gods smile upon you.
  8. Maybe I'm uniformed on TV time slots....but why is this a good thing? Isn't a later time slot better for a show with more mature elements? Does that mean they'll tone it down? Or does this signify NBC is giving it more support?
  9. Shawn

    The Unwritten

    Carey & Gross's deal with the devil, I assume.
  10. Shawn

    Image Comics

    Rumble by Arcudi ( I know him) and James Harren (nada input) was interesting. I've heard it described as "Conan in the real world." Not sure if that's accurate. But it is definitely following along with other comics, Birthright comes to mind, where sword n sorcery type fantasy invades the real world. It's a okay intro to the setting and a character. There's weird creator shit going down, normal person is out of their element, then the hero with a big sword shows up to save the day. But like too many other #1s of late, it's too thin. I'm not saying I want it all spoon-fed by the gallon, but give me more. This would have been the cold open part of a show right before the openin title card. Enough padding for the trades. I wanted to like it. And I did but not enough to plop $3.50 per month.
  11. Shawn

    Image Comics

    Bitch Planet was just okay. Despite so many others online proclaiming it as the BIGGEST FUCKING THING EVER CREATED, it didn't quite reach the hype about it. Don't get me wrong, it's a fine book with quality art and an intriguing story. This is like some sort of feminist master's thesis in comicbook form, which is fine, and it sets out exactly what it intends. I did like the little trick pulled towards the end, making the reader think this is the way the story will go then yanks the rug out. Then again...maybe I'm the wrong one? With so many reviews/comments and people I've talked to, telling me it's AMAZING!!!!!!! I wonder if there's something wrong with me. I've been exhausted in so many ways (busy holiday time of year shit) that many comics just aren't click with me the way I hope they will. I will say, BP is worth a re-read before I decide to keep getting it. And that says something.
  12. I would never have believed there would TWO Captain Marvel books on the same day and the DC version would be better. (Love the Capt. Marvel/Carol Danvers issue this month BTW). Not since Power of Shazam by Ordway has The Big Red Cheese been this good (although there were touches in JSA). Thunderworld was like a pure concentrated distillation of all that is great about Captain Marvel/Shazam; from the good natured fun to Cap's optimism to the strong bonds of family and wacky crazy adventures. They even made the Lt. Marvels not seem like a bad idea. Bravo, Morrison and Stewart, et al. Bravo!!!
  13. Sadly, I have not read the books. Even more sad, I didn't know about the books until recently. They sound like something I'd be down for. The comic, by the way, was quite good! I got a solid Criminal vibe. And that's a very high compliment. The comic draws more, I've heard, on the books than the movie. Think of it as Shaft: Year One. He's right at the end of his boxing career and about to enter the next phase of being a P.I. Of course, I can't speak to whether or not the writer, who's also doing or has done some Shaft book work, "gets" the character, but he is definitely writing an interesting character I want to follow. Also, with each issue you get a code for the writer's Shaft book, broken into multiple parts. The art has groovy feel that fits the late 60s/early 70s yet is also just dark enough to show that seedy underbelly of the city. It's well worth a look for anyone that likes good crime comics
  14. Shawn

    The Unwritten

    Gwilym, I was much like you when I read all of that. After that bad taste of the Fables cross-over, TT&TSTST was like a refreshing, life-giving elix. It's really amazing.
  15. This series is getting to that sweet spot of a proper Hellblazer adaptation. And this episode touches on what's possible. I would give this (and hopefully it's part 2) to a person who needs an intro to John Constantine. Nice cliff hanger with a tease of what might come. [ Spoiler : Demon blood? ] I've notice they've been showing him smoking more and more. Are they using loopholes in the FCC policy? Or just don't care? Hopefully, after this season, that House of Mystery or whatever gets blowed up. I'm reaching my tolerance.
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