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  1. I was just looking through the upcoming Vertigo trades on Amazon and I stumbled upon this (to be released a week after the paperback edition of Pandemonium): http://www.amazon.com/John-Constantine-Hellblazer-Graphic-Novels/dp/1401230067/ref=sr_1_11?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1280890631&sr=1-11 Although not seemingly of great importance at the moment since it looks like it's probably just a repackaging of Original Sins (and perhaps even mildly irritating, given the fact that they almost got through all of Delano's run before seeming to give up and reboot altogether), this does seem to bode well for Hellblazer finally getting the fully-collected treatment that it deserves. It'll be worth the wait if we finally get some Jenkins stuff in trades. Anyone else have any news about this?
  2. Okay, this thing was marketed terribly, but the House Of Mystery Halloween Annual that came out last week is apparently an anthology, featuring Hellblazer (by Milligan and Camuncoli), Madame Xanadu, and I, Zombie shorts. If I hadn't been poking around in the old posts on Vertigo's blog, I never would have known. You're welcome!
  3. I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything about a release date for the final Delano trade yet. I have to assume that it's going to happen, given that Vertigo just cranked out trades of the rest of his run in quick succession, but I figured it would've been scheduled for sometime around the release of Pandemonium. But maybe that makes too much sense?
  4. The story isn't particularly strong, but it read much better this time through than the first time I read it. For what it's worth, I don't think it's particularly pro-hippie. I think the point was in showing a different direction that Constantine could've gone in, one which seems somewhat comforting to him and that he can lose himself in for a little while but one which he ultimately realizes isn't a lifestyle that suits him at all. I think The Fear Machine works much better as an act in Delano's larger story than as a story on its own (particularly in the contrast between Hippie John's interactions with the Freedom Mob here and his disastrous reunion with Marj and Mercury post-Family Man). It's an attempt at a comfortable redemption that he ultimately realizes is out of reach. Also, I had forgotten how brutal this was! Look here, present-day Hellblazer writers: this is how you do dark without resorting to adolescent, "shock"-inducing "edginess"!
  5. You are exactly on the money. Other writers have written good Constantine stories, but I'd argue that Jenkins and, to an extent, Carey (keeping in mind that I've somehow managed to not read any of Diggle's run yet) are the only writers who really understood the character as Delano had built him up. Meaning that they understood what made the character unique. Hypercool edginess isn't unique, and I'd think that tendency would be pretty boring to any well-socialized person over the age of 25. Maybe I'm just past the target age at this point.
  6. I was extremely dubious about this, but I've started actually reading Exterminators instead of quietly judging it in the shop, and it's not bad. My advice to Simon Oliver, though, would be: avoid the edginess, please. JC does not need to spew "fuck"s every third word. He doesn't need to talk or act like he's trying to impress a 14-year-old Hostel fan. These are qualities that have been creeping into depictions of John Constantine only over the last ten years or so and I think they're extremely detrimental. To the point where I'd almost argue that Hellblazer needs to stop. But I will give this a shot.
  7. I guess it just doesn't make sense to me that DC wouldn't take advantage of releasing something that there's at least some demand for, rather than making no money whatsoever off of out of print comics. But I guess DC/Vertigo hasn't always made a lot of sense in that regard, and they seem to have no qualms about starting things that they have no intention of finishing (see: one Shade trade, a seeming halt to collections of Veitch's Swamp Thing, no post-Rieber Books of Magic collections etc.). Although I never would've guessed that they'd start issuing new Sandman Mystery Theater trades at such a late date, so I guess anything's possible.
  8. That's kind of a silly thing to say. I'd argue that, from a marketing standpoint, DC has more reason to collect issues written by someone who's currently working (Jenkins) than they do someone who's essentially retired at this point and never really had that expansive a comics career to begin with (Delano). (For the record, Delano's run is probably in my top five comics runs ever, so I definitely ain't no hater.)
  9. Wow, that's kind of sweet. For some reason, I thought they'd skip the Dick Foreman issue (32, about the possessed doggie). If they do skip it, I'd still love to see a collection of the random one-offs and fill-ins throughout the series. Of course, heaven forbid they just collect everything sequentially without all kinds of goofy gaps (which isn't just something affecting the old trades, since Joyride omitted the Carey fill-in).
  10. Does anyone know when/if the paperback of AHE is coming out?
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