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  1. This has probably come up before... but I'm fairly new to this board. I've been through every HB trade as well as the entire Carey run and know I'm missing a great deal of essential events in the life of JC. The most aggravating in the current storyline, however, has been the Demon Constantine. I haven't read more than the "Rare Cuts" bit in the back about John's creation of an evil self, but know a few comic shops with back issues of HB. What issues should I be searching for (other than every single damned one because they are that good) specifically to get the whole story on this Demon business?
  2. An adult cartoon of Hellblazer would be spectacular. Being that Spawn garnered enough attention as an HBO cartoon to run for 3 seasons, a series on HBO or Showtime here in the States (I have no idea what European equivalents are) would be feasible and comparable in cost to the ever worsening HBO lineups. An animated Constantine taking a long drag on a silk cut after screwing over the First of the Fallen? I'd tune in to every episode and rerun for the rest of my life.
  3. Thought this entry was spot on, gave it an 8. The stellar cover had me hooked right in and though the story was a classic "lead-in" piece, I had a great deal of fun seeing John once again being the nonchalant badass he is. Can't wait for next month's entry. However, as 2006 draws near, the dread of a Hellblazer without Carey OR Bradstreet covers is knawing at my soul. Say it ain't so Tim!
  4. Hey all... First post here. I spent the past year tearing through all of the Swamp Thing TPBs, and right on to Hellblazer. Now that I've collected all the Carey issues following his Red Sepulchre storyline, I probably won't get Black Flowers. While Carey's run is spectacular and epic, and should definitely be collected in trades, DC/Vertigo is KILLING ME with this unresolved cliffhanger crap! Anyone who read the seventh volume of Swamp Thing, where Rick Veitch took over as writer, and Delano's work on Original Sins (I'm assuming everyone on this board) are probably in as much pain as I am. Each introduces about half of integral storylines and just cuts it off. I have no idea what Vertigo's trying to do... perhaps give me an ulcer? It seems everyone who's read the unpublished runs by quite a few authors of Hellblazer has something positive to say, just as many praise the remainder of Veitch's run on Swamp Thing and later writers such as Mark Millar's take on the elemental and his family. I realize both Veitch and Delano ended their relationships with DC on bad terms, but denying the selling power of their books to fans of both JC and his green friend is just foolish. This is a long first post. I'll cut it off here. Pleased to meet everyone and if anyone has info about scanned copies of either uncollected Swamp Thing or Hellblazer material , please let me know. Thanks!
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