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  1. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians*

    One reason to read such things is, if you don't, the only thing you will ever "know" about them is what some "enthusiast" tells you "is so". Thinking for yourself is a habit, if you read things for yourself, then and only then, can you judge them. Christian thinks one thing, he is widely'n'deeply read for sure, it would be foolish to discount his firmly expressed opinion, but equally one can never forget the possibility that on some particular subject he (or anyone else) might be wrong, he would himself agree. The only way to know stuff with some hope of firmness, is to busy oneself with reading widely and deeply. That said I am a pacific islander, Heyerdhal is super famous down here, Maori in particular love his early support of their (before his kon-tiki voyages) disputed oral histories of their voyages, and I never heard word one about him being racist. Does this mean Christian is wrong? no, of course not, I lean towards thinking he is right, in fact, knowing what I do of him, and of white assumptions of the early 20th century . . . but this just proves my point, if I had read more than "Voyage of the Kon-tiki" 40 years ago, why, I would have no doubt, right?. It is a truism that "mine kampf" and "Das Kapital" are wrong, and evil, but this is merely opinion of the status quo. If it suits you to go along, then by all means, don't read, and never know for yourself. '
  2. Video Games

    I will have to sell some stuff . . . like kidneys or lots n lots of blood, but . . . I WILL DO IT !. It is really a no brainer, I will be redeeming my red dead. New console, tv, and the game . . . might be quicker (initially cheaper, eventual horrible costs) to join grinder, look for 'n old sheila that plays games?.
  3. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians*

    my entire post was written in excited drunkenness, I saw something very funny (remembering my . . . singular sense of humour . . . ) in the idea of them writing "steam punk" in Victorian times. Somewhat lost in translation, yet a'gin, my kryptionite.I did understand what you and Christian were talking about though. I have re-read the three ancillary books by Ann Leckie. Superb. So very good indeed. Quite the most satisfying re-read I have done in years.
  4. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians*

    Verne and Wells could hardly have written NON-Victorian Sci Fi though, stands to reason dunnit?. They were not going to be able to "imagine" a future where the future tools/tech was their present-in-retrospect, because what they wrote had to sell, and how were you going to find an audience for it? I mean, if they had of done the necessary mental contortions to arrive at . . . what term means reverse avant-garde does anyone know? . . . Steampunk, readers would have missed that it was Sci-Fi, it would have looked more documentary. Though I suppose they could have written parallel universe Steampunk . . . hey, maybe they did write steampunk, just too subtly for words, it was all steampunk, everything they wrote, set in parallel universes !
  5. Declare a love for something

    I couldn't really relate to much of his humour, I think I got too old and disconnected for much of the contemporary "humour". I declare a love for my mums gentle neighbours. The two women "bosses" from the two end houses in the street set to making us into a street community, with first a neighbourhood watch some years ago, then they worked on it from there. Very a-typical Auckland street now, they held a Christmas party last year, mainly for the kids and they started us keeping the street immaculately clean just by example, now when I go over i take a rubbish bag with me, and twice, walking up the street to mums, picking up rubbish as I go, I have met neighbours going the other way doing the same, stop, shake hands, exchange names, ("hmmm, I smell communists ! ! !" some reader is saying maybe ) and now I get called out hellos as I walk along. You may live in countries where this is natural, so I just re-enforce how un-Aucklandish this sort of thing is. I'm going to help with the Christmas party this year, make some trestle tables, and help them think up some games for the kids to play.
  6. Other comics we read recently

    Rivers of London : Black mold. I quite liked much of the artwork, though some of the style choices of the depiction of one or two of the much loved characters of the novel left me wondering if the Graphic Novel writers/artists even read the print novels. Though Peter Grant and DC Guleed seem very much as they are in the books, neither Nightingale or Molly seem remotely so, unnervingly not right. The humour and compassion from the novels rang through clearly, and beautiful London was nice to see, though ( maybe deliberately, given "evil property developers" subtext ) much could have taken place in any old set of flash houses and apartment buildings in any town in the West. I am getting the on-going comic, mainly because I just love the novels.
  7. Fantastic Epics

    My fathers brother had owned a copy in an important looking green leather binding. I and my twin read it when we were about twelve, all of my older siblings had also read it when they were young, alongside Uncle Peters copy of Grass of Parnassus and On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life . Might explain something about our collective "failings". They seemed, to Lance and I, significant and important works, because our Uncle whom had given his life for Freedom* had thought they were important. Now of course, I feel that might have been sentiment, he may have kept them merely because of sentiment himself, or any other reason, but still, they are pretty valuable each in their own way. For a certain value of freedom, of course.
  8. Yakko Smakko & Dot present...

    atomic blonde is a deeply unpleasant film. torture porn without principles. Horribly horribly dragged out and unrealistic fight scenes that seriously seem to me to be staged just to give sadists a thrill, with a definite side serving of lashings of misogyny "Oh, no, it is fine, it has a Strong Female Character, and she wins the fights, that means it is all good". It would have been a saving grace if the plot or characterisations or even just the dialogue were something other than trite. But no. Walked out when the (can't remember how to do spoilers, so, an egregiously graphic and totally unrealistic murder with more of the above lashings) though I have not the least doubt that was a . . . "gasp, how unexpected" surprise twist, or some other bit of cliche. fucking horrible film. Liked the sound-track.
  9. WHO's that girl?

    https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2017/08/you-will-fall-in-love-with-jodie-whittakers-reaction-to-people-already-cosplaying-as-her-doctor/ There doesn't need to be another example of why Dr Who ought to be female on occasion. Just think of the enjoyment cos-playing "her" will give people, not that Dr cosplayers of the female persuasion have not been a thing before. I wonder how long it will be before some bloke "Reclaims" the Dr by cos-playing along with the gag?.
  10. What's going on with you?

    They are really intelligent looking in the second post. Cute in both. We be of one blood, thee and I /dogaccent. Re our Doggy brothers, yesterday I met a full grown Russian Bear-dog on Ponsonby rd. I was all amazed, never knew of them existing, the Brobdingnagian reality quite threw me. He was very content to be admired, very much still a dog-soul, for all that he genuinely looked like a medium sized bear. When he stood still, it was more a shaggy pony he passed for, but in motion, all Bear.
  11. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    Wow. Pooka the Powah-lifter !. Also, do I note irony in your photo alongside your "not telling", Mickey Eye? No one else said anything, but this was ever my fault, taking nothing serious. That, and being too quick to take things serious. (look Red, New Zealand, by your right elbow, quick, get it before it gets back in its lair ! )
  12. What's going on with you?

    Yeah, math isn't my strong suit, I fucked up there. not 20 times, only 18.31 times. funny as it sounds, a spacious two bedroom flat less than 90 seconds walk from the Immortal, Unmatched, Bondi the Supreme Beach, Sydney town, in 1986, was as undesirable could very well be. They let an 20 year old Kiwi have it quite happily, with not one question other than "Show us a current payslip please". Unfurnished, no light bulbs, plugs in the sinks, nor curtain in the shower, no carpet on the wooden floor. phone not connected ( a rental board crime at the time, I could have got them in trouble ) power turned off, gas disconnected. In those days, you had to approach the post office during working hours, to pay someone to come to the flat to "check the phone connection", they would give you a date two weeks to the minute from your approach, then the person at the counter would look significantly at you and ten dollars later you would be told "one of the blokes will flick it for you this arvo". Luckily I had mates who looked out for my simple Kiwi arse, or I would never have known what was what. Waited a week for them to come turn on the gas though. So no doubt in my mind it is furnished to a high standard now, not quite apples compared to apples. However. Aus$ 84 in 1986, Aus$ 1538.46 in 2017. My take home pay was about Aus$190 One of the high points of my life, that flat. Surfed every night after work, fished many mornings before work, made like an Prince at the Royal Hotel ( they were so run down then, anyone turning up five times got his own seat, and the sad old sheila behind the bar would remember your name. You even got your very own fleas to take home with you most nights ) Plus the whole "20 years old in a country not my own, fitter than a buck rat, too stupid to have worries" thing.
  13. WHO's that girl?

    neat. It is so cool when an artist directly captures something of the essence of a person, like that
  14. What's going on with you?

    i just happened to notice an advertisement for a two bedroom flat for lease. I lived there in 1986. No doubt they have renovated somewhat, and it wasn't furnished when I lived there . . . which explains the rent being almost exactly twenty times what it was?. For a certain value of "explains" ?
  15. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians*

    We read an abnormal amount, I suspect?. all the birds in the sky. C.J.Anders. I laughed out loud four times before the fifth chapter. Interesting mix of tropes, with a sort of bleakly comic voice. Magic V's Science in a death battle for the fate of the world. =] Sorry, Science is gunna win that one, cause it works . . . "nah", says the author, "you miss my point I suspect". I didn't like the inclusion of the "tribal warfare in US school system" trope, it is such a constant in US literature, it makes me wonder that the UN has not intervened. Can it really be, that their teachers just allow this sort of caste system daily torture to go on uncontested by the rule of law?. Tom Brown was at least being beat because he was common, not because he was studious. Other than that one thing, love this book so far.