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  1. It's good to here someone praising Carey on here for once. I don't know what everyone's so worked up about - I'm just enjoying reading this arc, started off a little slow but it's picking up.... If Carey's work is so mediocre than why are y'all still buying it? Although, for all my two cents are worth, I think maybe there'd be less whining if we didn't know the arc was 6 issues long. Not knowing how long you have to wait for some kind of conclusion keep things rolling in my opinion and that way you don't form expectations. Just a thought... Oh, and that "God's balls and a nutcracker" line was piss funny!
  2. 1) Cassidy from Preacher 2) Spider Jerusalem 3) Cole Burns from 100 Bullets 4) Etrigan (but I've only really read his appearances in Swamp Thing) I'm a bit too much of a Vertigo guy really....
  3. Locked is one of my fave Hellblazer stories. Also I liked the recent #201 (can't remember the title, but it was a nice little story about a ring that hapless thieves had relieved John of).
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    Carey's run hasn't been bad - he's had some great funny lines in it and you've got to admire his attempt to pull together so many different odds and ends from John's history (even if they don't always ring true). It's only recently that he's got too wrapped up in Lucifer-type stories. Not really relevant, but has anyone read his 2000ad serial "Thirteen"? I looked at it recently and there's a lot of similarities between it and his version of Hellblazer (despite being a sci-fi thingummybob). He even recycled the glass shattering scene from "Reasons To Be Cheerful" from it! I'm just excited to see where it goes with the new writer - whatever happens. Oh and by the way this is my first post, so... hello!
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