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    Movies, Comics, Video Games, Art, Talking on Forums<br />btw.. I can be very picky.<br />Currently working with a programmer in making an online video game, multiplayer, text based, called Werebeast. I do the art and concept. <br />Cartoonist for an unpublished comic strip. Going to start a new comic soonish. <br />Currently writing a novel as well. First one, none before.
  1. I liked the first film, anybody besides myself looking forward to seeing the sequal? http://www.hellboymovie.com/ my apologies if this has been brought up before.
  2. I've never read the comics of HellBoy... but how does that comic compare with the film? I actually liked HellBoy, interested enough to read the comics.
  3. Don't worry. It did. *cough* It was suppose to fit in with the super hero/men in tights bit... :lol:
  4. Looks interesting for sure :) I've always dreamed of a different life, most people can relate to this film..who can't? and Bladerunner rocks!
  5. Have no fear, Angelic Constantine is here I'm a new Hellblazer fan, and currently in the process of buying all the issues. There are still some of me out there and we're here to stay. :) Job well done with the comics! Nice to meet you Andy btw.. that opening line of mine was suppose to sound cheezy as hell. :rolleyes:
  6. I own the first issue of Lucifer, and just yesterday I got Original Sins. I enjoyed reading Lucifer, and so far I like the stories in Original Sins. I can see some similarities used from the comic to the film from OS. [i know, I'm like the only fan of the Keanu Reeves film here, me thinks.] :lol: I also don't like Meatloaf.. the singer.
  7. What was your first Hellblazer comic? Original Sins? Dangerous Habits was my first. Perhaps I'll go purchase Original Sins today, I got a lot of catching up to do.
  8. Thank you for all the recomendations! Oh, and just to prevent any more confusion, I am a woman. :) Warlord pretty much shocked me when I read it. It was overwhelming in what Constantine was capable of doing. I thought he was more a laid back kind of guy, that would do something only if he HAD too. Warlord tried to bring that out, but seemed to give him more powers and benefits than I'd ever picture Constantine posessing. The out of body experience in the beginning was odd, but the book just got more twisted from there. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either. I'll look into the "Angelic-Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg". If it's anything like Hellblazer, I'd most likely enjoy it. I'll also check out novels by Robertson Davies. ;) I can do a wiki search and find out more about the authors. Ah, I didn't know that, and that's good to hear! I do plan to read more Lucifer's, but I have to start reading more Hellblazers first. I need to catch up! To answer another question, no I haven't read the Hellblazer comics in order, I read a few off order, so I have to go buy Original Sins and start from there. I know Constantine really started in Swamp Thing, but I'd prefer to just start reading his first own storyline. The local comic shop here sells all the novels, I think they have the entire set, so I'm lucky there. Otherwise, I'd be spending more time ordering them off Amazon.com :lol: . Again, thanks for the welcome and suggestions! Great to meet you all
  9. Thanks for the welcome, I have to agree on the huge differences between the film and the original comics. After I read my first Hellblazer comic, I was shocked by the differences. Just the look of Constantine himself from the Keanu played version made me wonder why they even GOT Keanu Reeves. But, I have to give credit to Keanu for still pulling off a decent acting job in portraying the character. I know many might still disagree, but I do feel he tried his best and did well. I'm still a fan of it regardless of the differences. However, I slowly became a fan of the comic as well. I still want to purchase and read more issues, as well as Lucifer by Vertigo. Anything with angels and demons is right up my alley, and Hellblazer has got me drooling for more! Thanks again, I'll be sure to post more of my thoughts once I read more. btw.. do any of you read Lucifer? I'd like to know how that series goes, compared with Hellblazer fans.
  10. Greetings to all, From what I've read, my story here is not new to you all. I'm a huge fan of the film Constantine with Keanu Reeves, and it's what got me started on Hellblazer. Ever since that movie, I've had this fascination, mainly because all my life I've been fascinated with Angels and Demons, and never even knew about Hellblazer comic until that film came out. :ph34r: Now I'm trapped being a fan with the rest of ya, though I haven't read much of the comics, I'm still working on that. I have read one of the novels by John Shirley, called "Warlord". I've been interested in reading more. I'm way behind on the Hellblazer comics, and along the way, also became of fan of Lucifer comics as well. Weird, but interesting enough. :D Just wanted to introduce myself to you all, knowing that you have another film Constantine fan added to your list of members. hehe
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