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  1. I don't need a reason for pants wetting, it just happens.
  2. I SOOOO second that. or a collected works of all of Nigel's poetry published by White Wolf. -b
  3. Yes...He was brilliant in Dracula as Ted. -b
  4. Wow...I just tried to mentally swap the Horror in Hellblazer with Sex, and the Sex with Horror... ...and it still comes out about the same. -b
  5. Don't forget "shooting Fog" with the Trenchcoat Brigade...the closest to Dr. Strange/Fate type magic I've seen.
  6. Thank goodness...I thought I was the only one who liked the guy... -b
  7. Unfortunately, Logan will be played by Reeves as well... -b
  8. I went to relook at this to-day, and found a new CG Hellblazer fan-film. My Spanish is terrible, so I can only pick out a few words that aren't English, but it's kinda amusing. It looks like they are using a third-party animating program, but most of those animations are ripped right out of the Sims 2. Can anyone translate? Am I the only monoglot here? -b
  9. In my thoughts John is a VERY reluctant hero. We've seen him willing to give up his life to save his Sis...but a stranger? I think he would try and walk on by...get hit instantly huge amounts of guilt from every little girl he knew in his life...rush back in to save her, but find that the minutes he took deciding made it too late for the poor girl. ...and since this is Hellblazer, someone will probably try to alter the outcome by magic. Either some distraught, surviving relative, or Johnny himself against his better judgment and whole lot more innocents are going to suffer because of it. -b
  10. Christ...Not another one, I've been lobbying to get rid of those elements since day one. Nows a perfect time to get rid of the dated trenchcoat, and pull out the red spandex suit and thigh high boots for John... Good...those are tired cliche's. Instead John can chase a helicopter while throwing burning cars at it using his newly discovered meta powers of flight and superstrength. Of course, I'm sure upper management block you in this move to greatness because they are afraid of the tantrums the "fan" community will throw. That's OK...I forgive you. Give them their faggy character, dialogue and mood for an issue or two, and then have him move to LA, dye his hair black and be granted with a holy shotgun. That way you can have some action and the "fans" will be mollified. Oooh...If fact, give him TWO holy shotguns that he uses, one in each hand...and have him bit by a werewolf AND a vampire AT THE SAME TIME! That would RULE!!! -b -b
  11. Sorry for the double one-liner posts, but I am in awe. In all honesty you folks on this message board are some of the most evil fucks I have had the privilege to read. Lucid, you work for HBO, don't you... -b
  12. Christ, yer my shit-disturbing hero... -b
  13. ... He's a stupid idea parading around like a pantomime villan. No he's not....He's a bad RetCon...Give him the respect he deserves...
  14. It puzzles me as the two above ressurections are special The First is not a demon or angel...He's a piece of the almighty ripped out and given his own form. Nergal was originally a human soul...He keeps getting recycled as his soul is damned and can never escape Hell. The second and third (were they ever named? I don't want to drag out the trade outta the closet....) I am assuming are fallen angels of Lucifer's host. Has the comic ever decided what happens to Angels who "die"? I remember the Succubus's angelic beau got physically ripped to pieces, but angels don't have souls...so does he get recycled into the heavenly host as well? 'course...the 2nd and 3rd being pictured could be new demons that clawed their way up and assumed the schticks of the past #2 and #3... -b
  15. [Editor's note: this message and Mark's reply dragged into this thread after posting. The title 53rd of the Fallen was good though.] Agh! I just got caught up and I am puzzled. Last I saw the Second and Third got summoned and destroyed by the First a while back...Did I miss a Nergal-like Infernalis-ex-Machina for those two? Anyone that answers "Superboyā€¯ shall be cockpunched (or clitoral-pummeled if the case requires) -b
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