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  1. Okay so I've been binge watching this the past few days. I'm somewhere late season 2 and I cannot go on. It's rare for me to ditch a series that I've invested time into because usually I'm at least interested in seeing how they tie things up. It's just that right now I do not care about any single one of the characters at all. And yes it bothers me how fucking stupid Lucifer is. There's not one ounce of wit or self insight in the character. It plays around with some fun ideas but they are all so shallow and undeveloped that it becomes a meaningless blur. Thing is, it got cancelled at the end of season 3. A lot of people seem to like it, and now it's getting a fourth season on Netflix. I know Netflix will literally make anything but whhhhhhhhhhhy. Occasional fun moments. Satanist: "I thought you were supposed to be blond" Lucifer: "Yes I get that a lot"
  2. These last 2 chapters have been super hard going for me. I really hope the pay off is worth it. I have a specific aversion to what is basically child abuse.
  3. Welp. Can't decide if this is better or worse than impaling your daughters etheric form with bone spikes.
  4. Haha, yeah I'm still reading it. I used to be online acquaintances with Tom's now ex, she got me into it. I like that the characters are growing up and are doing stupid teenage stuff, like Jack Hyland's little bumfluff facial hair thing. I'm hoping that Tom doesnt go too wide with the plot lines though, currently we have a lot of split up unresolved things that I'm hoping he'll tie back together over the next few years. The comic deserves success though, there isn't much else that is so tightly plotted and well paced. Barring "The Stone" which was excruciating to read on a 3 day a week schedule.
  5. I'm okay with Smith for this actually. Willing to give it a shot, hope they cast a good Waller.
  6. Been a while since I found a web comic worth sharing. www.sssscomic.com Is interesting though, post apocalyptic setting, with a mix of Finnish and Scandinavian languages. Slow pace though so don't get excited about the story getting anywhere yet, its a year old long form webcomic, those don't tend to move quick.
  7. www.camodad.com is pretty good I guess. Updates kind of slowly though.
  8. Some people will get upset over anything. The original Mandarin doesn't really work in a modern context (unlike the Red Skull did because it was set in WW2) and this take was very relevant to the current state of the world and media.
  9. Yeah, it's the same issue I have with a lot of comics though. But "what happened in New York" is clearly referenced in the trailer and it seems that some of the plot is based on the fallout from that event, so I suspect they have this covered.
  10. I didn't hate the new trailer. In fact, I might go as far as to say I kind of liked it.
  11. Maybe they could get that wonderful George Clooney to play him. He is after all, a very good actor.
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