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  1. Im always reminded of John when I hear these: Soldiers of the Wastland (DragonForce) Once in a Lifetime (DragonForce) Through the Fire and the Flames (DragonForce) Trail of Broken Hearts (DragonForce) Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day)
  2. For "Hard-core stuff" I recomend this anime TV series called Gantz. It was created by some guy who was basically pissed off that Japanese television is becoming more cencored like American TV. So he put everything offensive he could get away with into the series. (i.e. graphic violence, harsh language, nudity, as close as you can get to hentai(anime porn) without it actually being hentai.) Im only partway through the first season myself but it is actually a very good story. Its about these people who, just before there death are essentially faxed into a room by this big black sphere thing called Gantz, and forced to play these games which involve killing these alien like creatures. Most of the party usually gets brutally killed each time. I find it best described as an anime version of the movie SAW. other than that I suggest, Neon Genisus Evangelion. Fucks with your head the first time you see it. the last two episodes are essential the main character going through an acid trip. And the ending movie proves that all life amounts to kitty :happy: . (for those who have seen the movie, its the first live action sceen after his little acid trip experience. ;) ) other than that most everything else mentioned is good stuff.
  3. If your looking for an address of his at one time, then I believe they show one in part one of the Books of Magic/Hellblazer issues. If I remember right Tim was looking for John and so he did some spell and then John's address appeared in his alphabet cereal. Im at work right now otherwise I'd find it myself.
  4. The movies are more disturbing in some ways, but they do kinda explain more than the last two episodes of the series. There is also more death, destruction, killing, and shooting, you know, the good stuff. Also, don't buy both movies, the first half of the first movie "death & rebirth" is a recap of the series, and the first half of the second movie "end of evangelion" is the second half of the first movie plus the ending. so your better off just getting the second movie, you wont be missing anything.
  5. Never did get into FMA but im might check it out. Evangelion did kick all forms of Ass. Never did quite figure out what happend in the last two episodes though. But im telling ya, You will never get shows or movies that fuck with your head as much as these anime do.
  6. Hey all, So I was going down the Hellblazer Index list today and Im pround to say im getting damn close to have the whole thing. However, one constantine appearence I have yet to find is called 9/11 "Exposed." I hadn't heard of this before and I am having some difficulty finding it. So, before I start scrounging the internet to buy off someone, I would like to know if anyone has read it and if its even worth getting. Im not sure I want excert effort in finding it if it is just a cameo appearance. Thanks.
  7. I'm about a third through the book right know, and so far im loving it. However, Im curious as to way lucifer is metioned instead of the first of the fallen? As far as I know lucifer is still a night club owner in LA and has no real reason to be angry with john at all. Have JC and Lucifer ever even met? Also, being someone who is in Army ROTC, and may end up over in Iraq one day, I dont think that our soldiers are that paranoid over there. I am speaking of the scene where the soldiers are checking the house for weapons. However, considering one of the themes of the book is about people being mistakingly caught in the crossfire, I can understand it. Aside from that this book is turning out great. Can't wait to see what happens. Looking forward to SUBTERRANEAN.
  8. Where did these come from? is there a site that has them all? if so could you post a link?
  9. Just so ya'll know, for anyone intersted, Hellblazer: Hogwarts has been updated with the next chapter http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1980013/10/
  10. hey, I was wondering if anyone could explain this ace of winchesters thing to me. I know its a gun that can kill demons and that at some point in time constantine comes across it. can anyone tell me in issue its in?
  11. Perhaps DC will clean house with this contiuity problem with the infinity crisis, like it did during the crisis on infinate earths. (maybe in this one it'll be more like crisis on infinate hells) and in response to christian's poll I'd have to say death would win.
  12. Sesshoumaru


    Welcome Augustin, I suggest buying all of them, but I would start with the trade paperbacks. Always good to start from the beginning. The trade paperback thread has the order in which they should be read.
  13. Sesshoumaru


    I dont know if anyone on this forum reads this, but I do. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone new when the next issue will be out. Ive been collecting these since they first came out, which wasnt that long ago considering they have only had 6 issues. But it has been a good 3-4 months since the last one came out. So if you guys know anything (have any contacts in the comic underground perhaps who would know) please let me know. Thanks.
  14. I dont know how far you have read into this fanfic but it john seems to be the same old john in the potter universe as he is in the DC universe. There are both good and evil sides in the potter universe. Example is Voldemort, who is clearly the evil in this world and who seems to already have a grudge against John, if for no other reason than that he is the new Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher. (John also has a grudge against Voldemort now, since he blew up his pub :icon_evil: ) He has also stated in the fanfic that he may have been indirectly responsible for that attack on the pub that nearly killed Mr. Weesly because he has a tendency to get those close to him killed. So in sort, no. John will make enimies wherever he goes just cause he is John Constantine.
  15. His source of income is through gambling. which for john isnt really gambling, since I dont think he has ever made a bet that he did not end up winning. Plus, like Red said im sure he uses his mind trick to get by (i.e. making his landlord think that john paid him the rent) Personally im surprised he hasn't started charging for his exorcisms and what not. But then he's said that he dosent want to be rich, because he would get comfortable, and lazy, then he would make mistakes and then his enemies would have him.
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