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  1. not a lot of love for the Diggle run, eh? Would it be the writing, the art, or both? Personally, when the Big Bad was revealed as a sharktoothed, machete-wielding maniac, I stopped buying from the Diggle run altogether.
  2. One of the big arguments with the book, i think, was that no one did his accent correctly but the films will probably have someone onboard to help them nail his accent. And here I was hoping that they'd do something like the Cajun accents in Water Boy.
  3. The Hulk always looks like that because that's how he's supposed to look. That's how Kirby drew him, after all; as wide as he is tall. Honestly, the only good thing about the live action series was Bill Bixby. Even as a child, I always thought Lou Ferrigno wasn't green, big, and angry enough. Plus he always had that terrible haircut. And let's face it, his "displays of strength" were hardly incredible. Impressive, yes, considering Ferrigno's mass, but not what you'd expect from a 10 foot tall gamma-irradiated monster. Not too fond of this movie though. Two things bother me from the trailer: Oh and I hope they clean up the CGI. They're too damn shiny. They should've gotten WETA Digital. Those guys've already developed realistic CGI skin tone, accurate down to the translucency!
  4. Er... Nite Owl's supposed to be the Blue Beetle analog, not the Batman analog. At least they got the other ones mostly right.
  5. not Crimson Dynamo, the Iron Monger armor. This trailer proves that if you're gonna get someone to play an alcoholic, millionaire jackass, might as well get a coke-addicted, millionaire jackass to do it. Downey's the perfect Stark.
  6. Am getting this comic today, will give a heads up if it's Diggle-tastic or not.
  7. Disgusting, true, but unfortunately for Cheryl, highly believable given her characterization. She loved the bugger enough to put up with his God-fearing religious right crap for 30 years or so. I think it became more upsetting because the other writers really didn't focus on it too much, then suddenly Azzarello turns him into the newest cast member of 120 days of Sodom.
  8. I thought this was every heterosexual guy's fetish?
  9. You do know that it's based off the comic book by Frank Miller, right? Which, truth be told, contained just about as much rubbish dialogue as the movie did. I honestly don't get all the 300 hate. Was it inaccurate? Yes. Did it incorrectly portray Greeks as tall leather-brief-wearing Germanics as opposed to swarthy little men with a penchant for olive oil and young boys? Yes. Did it unjustly portray Asians as mindless, ugly, mutated slaves? Yes. But who's to blame for that? Frank Miller, baby, not Zack. Now I myself have misgivings about the Watchmen project, but not necessarily because it's Zack Snyder; rather, because I'm not too confident of the cast, and I believe Watchmen is not easy to dramatize. I can't even imagine them trying to squeeze in Tales from the Black Freighter or Doc Manhattan's time-crazy Martian introspection without the movie becoming dull and dragging. It works in comics, but I doubt it would work in film. Of course, the best we can hope for is that Zack does to this project what Peter Jackson did for The Lord of the Rings: a great piece of work that does not wholly capture the book page-by-page, but maintains the spirit of the original. This of course won't change the fact that Alan Moore will still feel like his little baby's been buggered over a barrel.
  10. D'oh! Hell, "u" and "e" are nowhere near each other. I really should start looking while typing. Maybe you were thinking of Bon Jovi or something. And as for my comment, sorry, i thought we were all well-informed geeks here. Myself, nothing can spoil a movie for me. If it's well made, a scene will always have the same impact no matter how many times I watch it. Case in point: The line in spoiler tags is from a famous movie, and part of a plot twist. And yet after watching it time and again, I still can't help but feel awe at the precise moment this scene happens.
  11. I'd rather keep my hopes for this movie to be lower than a rat's tail; that way, in case it gets slightly interesting, then I'll end up enjoying it.
  12. meh. Hollywood adaptation=crap. And they probably wouldn't get the point of the anime as well, and fuck everything up, just to pander to their target demographic. I've checked iMDB, and this Ruari guy only has two movies to his directorial credit: The Silent City and Fifty Percent Grey. Anyone seen these films? And should we be expecting another blockbuster of a travesty?
  13. Well consider this movie well spoiled. It's not like we didn't know SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER did we? It's the sled!!! Edited for spoilers. -James
  14. It's interesting, this cover is as lurid as the ones we moaned about by Glen Fabry, but everybody likes it. Those colours are almost painfully acidic to my eye, but the whole thing works, it has an imaginative grasp that Fabry's recent work seems to utterly lack. I'm also hoping that the story lives up to the cover and contains tattooed redheads. Actually, this cover shows exactly what Fabry's covers lacked: a sense of proportion, perspective, and goddamned sex. Now I'd like to see a real live redhead get that kinda tattoo.
  15. Shame "Son of man" wasn't done as a pop-up book... If it was, a lot of people would've probably gotten an eye taken out. That was so...gay.
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