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    I love comics (specially HB), but i also play the guitar in a rock band; I love sciences and am spceially interested in biology. I want to find nice people in the forum, guess I hit the jackpot!
  1. Duck

    Johns Accent

    well... hahahha Then, if John is Sting, he should sound like Sting ("Every breath you take...")
  2. Duck

    Johns Accent

    Pooks, don't you ever stop joking????
  3. Hey, man, that was cruel!!! I'm with James and Ade: what would be JC without people to pass his shit to?
  4. Duck

    Johns Accent

    Well, don't ask me, but I've always imagined John with Irish accent. I don't know why, perhaps because when I started reading Hellblazer my English teacher was an Irish man (no similarity to John, though), and I caught the accent. Anyway, it doesn't sound like he'd have a Monthy Python accent...
  5. Yeah, but at least he still has money I've had that storage space problem, but now I've convinced my mum to use the wardrobes to let the comics in there. The problem is, if I want to reread any series, it'll take me ages to find it!!!
  6. Let me go! Bookshemian Rhapsody of Magic!!!
  7. Hahahha! That happens to me, too! I'm still trying to complete the whole Sandman series (only five trades left), Hellblazer , Lucifer and many more. But Hmpf, of all those you want to buy, I'd reccomend V for Vendetta, perhaps one of the most inetersting comics I've ever read (plus, It wopuld be good to read it before the movie comes out), and the Books of Magic too.
  8. Does anyone still follow the series? The new storyline is pretty good, much better than the first. Or so it seems... and the trenchcoat brigade is in there too!
  9. That seems a good story... but i don't think it will get to Spain... :icon_cry: Nevertheless, perhaps it comes with the previews... fon't you think so? And about the word "bender", what does it mean? It's something like party or whatever? Say, it's never time to stop learning
  10. Yeah, I know. But I mean the concept: The Sandman was about one of the Eternals (though these are different), so that was why I said that. Gaiman is writing eternals again, but these tiem there are other ones.
  11. Well, it's good to hear Gaiman is doing more things in comics too... I loved 1602 and, though it's not as good a Sandman (the Eternals and Sandman... seem similar to me, huh?) Let's see what he has in mind.
  12. Well, I'd buy some manga. It's always good for children (i loved Dragon ball), or some old superheroes issues... i don't know, perhaps the btaman Adventures based on the Tv show... But, as you all said, the best choice is Bone.
  13. Duck

    I got 'em all

    I only have Some trades and the comic book issues from 191 (hey, I started two years ago...)
  14. A disapppointment? Don't you ever think so! You artists always critizicing your own work!!! Look at Pooka's Nergal, she's proud of it! If she can be proud of...that... Anybody else has to! Sorry, pooks, I really like it. ;)
  15. Duck

    Hellblazer Q&A

    Many miles away, something crawls from the slime at the bottom of a dark scottish lake... That was the Police song, Synchronicity II... Funnily enough, John is very similar to Sting, innit? That's how synchronicity works.
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