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  1. I'm guessing Arthur focus' on his kingdom now and gets himself a champion to represent him in the surface world. With what looks like King Shark from the Green Lantern run as his bodygard/pet.
  2. And out of that short list i think the best option would be Brody. I mean Sean Penn? Good actor but noooo! I'm not sure about Crispin's face. But he is at least a better choice than Sean Penn.
  3. Yeah i heard that too, which wouldn't impress me at all. Considering (Wally West) Flash is my favourite. Sorry if i upset anyone but i find Barry really boring too. Why are they going after my favourite characters. First Blue Beetle then Martian Manhunter and now The Flash. I like The infinite crisis run and all but i feel after this i won't have that much left to collect anymore.
  4. He he he he , by the way take a close look at the fellas icon who posted these on livejournal. Saving thingys will read later.
  5. Ah i just saw that art/writing and man my pants are sticky.
  6. The current "Swamp thing" run is pretty good too. Check it out as well.
  7. I love JLU it is so excellent the end of season 2 was great but i am a bit of a Flash geek. I'm going to have to get downloading as over here in blighty they are still only showing season 2 repeats. Grrr!!!!
  8. It looks good, so why am i worried. :huh: The gloves and cape are very Batman-esque. I wonder, you remember that future story they ran in Teen Titans. Where Tim Drake became Batman. Edited: to thank John for linky
  9. Red you got a book name for that one. Just so i can buy it when i finally finish this Mao book.
  10. Buddy as in Buddy "Animal Man" NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :icon_cry: If you don't mind me i'm gonna throw myself of a big building and fight the tarmac at the bottom. DC really mustn't like me anymore. As for barry yeah he died to save the universe but i read any of the old comics and he was a tad boring well alot. Long live the Wally. *snigger* Can't help myself. You got a link for Robins new gear John?
  11. I can't help it, the warder nurses keep catching me at the computers. Bah evil warders their tight bonds will not hold me forever. I shall yet see the brilliant light of Technicolour again.
  12. The Mcfarlane toss pot. Ok artist, shit poor writer nasty mean capitalist whore. thats where the dale vote went. Ellis can write crap some days, but i figure thats like the rest of us putting two legs into the one trouser hole. You do something enough you fuck it up every once in a while. On average he is great.
  13. I had to vote Vertigo though most of the titles i buy are main line DC. Vertigo has the new Swamp thing stories which i adore so much. Plus hellblazer. Less quantity but a shite load more quality per comic.
  14. No the worst idea in the world man. You should come up here though as the drink is cheaper in the North. Not rubbing it in or anything it just is. :D
  15. Last week i bought "I am Legend" by Richard matheson adapted by Stephen Niles and Elman brown Bloody brilliant it was gripping story ina totally realistic setting. Where the main character is the last man alive in a world over run by Vampires. Surviving simply because that is all he knows. I really enjoyed this and found myself empathising with the character at all points in the story. Also bought "Ocean" by Warren Ellis It was good and almost a total return to form from the glory days but still i found it a little short and Unfulfilling. Like a drunken orgasm, promises so much but then for no reason fails to deliver. Don't get me wrong spot on art, great dialogue good plotline. Just not enough for me. I still thing Ellis suffers from having done his greatest work (Transmetropolitan) too early in his career. Thats my week anyway.
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