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  1. One thing I noticed about Con-Job. He has the ability to be where he needs to be. A wiki marked it as a type of travel power. Which would make sense. So it's very easy to see him being where the mystic winds take him. But yeah, John C bouncing around, I do like that. Sure the UK is deep in mystical stuff, myths, legends. But there's a whole world. Hell, turn him loose in New Orleans, which if you go by a lot of legends, witnesses, is covered in the occult.
  2. The second series never said how Centurious got out. And Zarathos (GR1) was hiding in him like a dang chest burster. Another typical eff up.
  3. Lou...I gotta agree. In my opinion the best GR series was Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeace. Steel Wind and Centurious came back and Johnny was in his best form since the GR days. Hellfire weapons and a little bit of magic. And a trench coat and cigs. Nuff said.
  4. Karrde

    Hellblazer Q&A

    Qusoor...where that that picture come from?
  5. Ya know. Makes a man wonder how many Conjob bastards are out there. Ya gotta wonder y'know.
  6. Yeah...it was the John Blaze era the first one. The GR continuity is more messed up than X-men. First you had Blaze, the his brother Dan Ketch, then Blaze again. Add in writers changing it all at the drop of a hat. typical Marvel. Bleeding bastards.
  7. Hey John, check any comic shop y' might be able to find the original series that came out in the latr 70's that's roughly what the movie is based after. And some of the 90's series is good, except the stuff donce by Ivan Velez Jr... And get Ennis's LS as well.
  8. All of the above. Oh..this just in the guy behind Vampire Hunter D: BloodLust and Ninaj Scroll is doing a Highlander anime movie. This has me scared.
  9. *looks at his avatar and nods* Gotta admit..need to find a print for this guy.
  10. I knew it looked famliar. Bloody hell. Heh..
  11. Hey TestosteRohne, if you want I can send ya a link to a download program and another link to get all of Hellblazer 1-203 plus all specials. Be warned...big file.
  12. I have to say Ghost Rider is what got me involved with the supernatural side of comic books. First the Rider, then any other mystically inclined comic (Nightstalkers, Blade) which led me to Hellblazer. Parts of the series were good but when one writer leaves and another comes in with the big plan of 'Let's redo the whole character to fit MY way of doing things.' Hell no...it killed it for me. Now Ennis his LS was awesome...so I'm holding out hope. As for the movie....I'll see.
  13. Gotta agree with Delano. Ennis however...hmm...hard to call there.
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