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    new site new artwork

    Checked in Firefox and IE, unfortunately, IE shows it just fine. :/ I like the first one. Reminds me of Miracleman.
  2. wolfram

    Just 1 Page - send money for FREE COMICS

    Hey Ade! Although I'm in the US, I'd like a copy. But I don't know about paying $6 for the shipping. Do you have a scanned version (jpg, pdf, psd)?
  3. wolfram

    Hellblazer Guest Writer Elimination Game

    Tracey can be a boy's name. Unless he were to spell it "Traci," in which case that would be his own fault. :D
  4. The 90's were the hardest. That was a great decade for movies. 1910s-Don't think I've seen any! 1920s-Probably have seen one or two, not enough to consider anything. 1930s-The Wizard of Oz 1940s-The Maltese Falcon 1950s-Vertigo 1960s-Psycho 1970s-A Clockwork Orange 1980s-Amadeus 1990s-Twelve Monkeys 2000s-Mulholland Drive
  5. wolfram

    X-Men 3 Trailer

    Whew! That makes me feel more at ease. Thanks, Hagren. :happy:
  6. wolfram

    Hellblazer Guest Writer Elimination Game

    But I didn't want it to end in two days. I also wanted Morrison and Smith as the finalists. Mission accomplished. ;) Morrison 25 - 4 = 21 Smith 28 + 1 = 29
  7. wolfram

    Hellblazer Artist Elimination Game

    Nopers. Sorry, Hagren, it's a good shot, but Manco's too inconsistent for me . . . Phillips 8 + 2 = 10 Manco 4 - 3 = 1
  8. wolfram

    Hellblazer Guest Writer Elimination Game

    Personally, I wouldn't rate Gaiman's BOM performance on this poll. Now, if it were "who writes the best JC," that's another story, and we'd have to include Alan Moore on that one. Anyway . . . my vote: Grant Morrison (#25-#26) 39 - 4 = 35 John Smith (#51) 32 + 1 = 33 Would anyone like me to upload these issues for ya'll to re-read?
  9. wolfram

    Hellblazer Guest Writer Elimination Game

    CHANGING THE RULES! Now that we're down to 2, it's "plus one, minus four" from here on out.
  10. wolfram

    Hellblazer Artist Elimination Game

    All events portrayed within are not fictious and are in no way coincidental. And that's all I gotta say about that. :huh:
  11. wolfram

    Astonishing X-Men

    Blasphemy! :p The X-Babies are coming for you. ;)
  12. wolfram

    Hellblazer Artist Elimination Game

    If only! It's been too long since I've been Manthing'd. :lol:
  13. wolfram

    Hellblazer Artist Elimination Game

    Auch, dammit, I miscounted. :icon_redface:
  14. wolfram


    So what was the riddle?
  15. wolfram

    Astonishing X-Men

    I've got to agree with Christian, for the most part. The only time I found Cyclops even remotely interesting was when he was either going balls out and being generally out of character, or when he was getting severely knocked down. Oh, and Christian, don't knock Longshot. He brought us Mojo, and everyone loves a good Mojoverse story!