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  1. To all going to Bristol - have fun yer buggers! And dont forget the condoms and paracetamols!
  2. With any luck I will attend in 2007, but I wont be coming this year. When I decided to leave STH a while back I rashly cancelled my B&B and decided that was that....it looks like Im going to an Earth Wind and Fire gig instead.
  3. My ideal night out. :D
  4. Everyone has this dont they? It's called being human. :D
  5. B&B booked - CHECK Ticket bought - CHECK
  6. You are doing some sort of room booking service John? Or is that just for a select few? :D
  7. When are most people thinking of being there? The Saturday or the Sunday...or both? Just so I know how many nights to book at the B&B.....wouldnt want to miss you all!
  8. I quite like the idea of staying on Bath in a B&B if it's only 10 mins away by train.... That means not having to drive all the way back up north in the evening..... Will look into this..... Sorry to be lazy arse, but what are the dates again? And who's deffo thinking of going?
  9. So, anyone willing to take my bet then? 8-) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No takers? Come on you combative smoker fanatics! I dare ya! :lol: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No takers coz they've no money left to bet with due to the extortionate cost of fags... :wacko:
  10. kinki

    Teen or Tine?

    :lol: Oh, and just to derail a tad more - Adrian, your new avatar is very disturbing. :o
  11. Thanks Ade and Tim....just received my prints - GAH, they're gorgeous.... ----------------- BTW Love your work Jock....
  12. Me too - apparently they're all the rage for us girlies at the moment - must go and check one out. I prefer black I think.....
  13. I agree - we dont want it to end up like 'Last of the Summer Wine' (for the uninitiated - a drab and boring UK 'comedy' which has been running since Adam was a lad) - with John as a foul mouthed octegenarian sucking soup through a straw and batting demons away with his zimmerframe.
  14. I would, in theory, like to attend, after all, it's a chance to meet you guys!
  15. Why do you think this James?
  16. I too know fuck all about comics - but I agree with Pooka. Do we WANT Hellblazer to be huge? Isnt part of the appeal that it is offbeat and 'different' - thats what appealed to me. And unfortunately I cannot spread the word to other people I know, as I am the only person who reads comics in my circle - and everyone thinks I'm very weird for doing so.
  17. Im staying out of this one! *dodges the missiles* BUT.... .....WERE VERY VERY AMUSING!!!!!
  18. I've just paid.....sorry for the delay Ade....ooops!! *slaps hand*
  19. kinki


    O.M.G. It is him innit?!!! Hilarious. I adore that programme - and indeed have a t-shirt with 'Drink', Feck', Arse', 'Girls' on the front.
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