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  1. TomC


    I presume all that bumph with the other Martian and so forth are going to be tying in with whatever nonsense they've got in mind for the Monitors at the moment.
  2. TomC

    Seven Soldiers

    I'm not even quite certain what it was that left me feeling let down. A combination of small things, perhaps. The one clear thing I can say about it is that it felt as if there was just too much trying to fit in to far too few pages - even though every individual page was pretty top notch, the next one by narrative necessity had nothing in common with it, and I found that disorienting and off-putting. It felt like reading an Yngwie Malmsteen album.
  3. TomC

    Seven Soldiers

    Hmph. Am I the only one feeling distinctly let down by #1?
  4. TomC

    Holy Shit!

    Also, The Cult. That's ace, that is.
  5. Morrison - lots of drugs. Moore - lots of drugs. People who claim to have met fictional characters - lots of drugs and/or insane. Case closed, I fear.
  6. TomC


    Yeah, I've been quite digging DMZ - more than I'd expected to off the back of #1, actually. It grew on me somewhat.
  7. Alan Moore, pretty much any artist (except Liefeld, obv). That's the dream issue anyway. In real terms, I'd be delighted to see Delano return to the fold briefly, though I suspect that's about as likely as Moore. ...heheheh, "dream issue" :D
  8. Looking forward to? Is this something new? massive hardcover set in slipcase reprinting from Top Shelf which features the never published final part... at the rather hefty price of $75. Crikey. No way I'm shelling out that sort of money for grot, even grot written by Alan Moore.
  9. Looking forward to? Is this something new?
  10. Super sweet. I would cream my pants, but I'm at work.
  11. Yes yes, this is all very well... but will someone deign to tell me exactly what the problem is with that? I'm not saying it's great, but I really can't see anything that badly wrong with it...
  12. Look at that picture. Just look at it. Know what he's thinking about there? Cock. Lots and lots of men's cocks. And probably also their bums, and quite likely pretty shoes too. That man right there is a friend of Dorothy. He's light on his feet. He knows his musicals. He... yeah, I'll stop.
  13. What's wrong with it? Doesn't look too terrible to me...
  14. Bring it on - home-recorded Conan-rock for the win! :D Edit: just listening to "The Blue Room" as I type. Wicked stuff, dude - got any more than's on that page?
  15. I insist that someone of higher musical talent than I records that. Like, now. Hell, yesterday, if possible.
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