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  1. "Mourning of the Magician" is probably my single favorite issue. Among the things I love about it are the way it places John within his family, in their complicated grief, and visits him and someone he loves with the consequences of something rash he's done years ago, and gives him a small chance at amends. I also love Sean Phillips's art during Delano's run; there's a page in "Dead Boy's Heart" where the composition is tied together by the blue comforter of the spare bedroom where John's twisting himself, that I love so, so much.
  2. You know, I was expecting this book to be awful, but gosh, Sargon the Sorceress, with those ballet slippers and cleavage netting has totally turned me around on it! Said no one. Oof.
  3. "star of Justice League Dark" Ugh. Who had that in the pool?
  4. That chill that just went up your spine? Someone, somewhere - possibly a DC intern - just started a facebook page for " Necro-philes".
  5. That's the one! Flashbacks, I love them a lot! Really, on paper, I'm someone they should be able to entice with a series about a younger, more vulnerable John, a too-wily-for-his-own-good (or anyone else's) kid with more nerve than caution. I wish I thought Constantine would be that book. But I just don't believe the John that's appearing in the bits of JLD I've read ever spent his childhood fixated on the dead boy's "heart" or cursed his father or murdered a familiar. Gah, do we know if Newcastle/Ravenscar even are part of that John's story? Maybe he'll go there for a Fall-Out Boy show after he defeats Nicky Necro with a well-aimed fuschia fireball? /0\
  6. Desolation Jones was always full of big, weird, sometimes quiet spreads: I wish that book hadn't trailed out mid-storyline. I loved it kind of a lot.
  7. I've been chewing on this one while I ponder a re-read, and I think mine's gotta be the finish of the Family Man arc: #31 "Mourning of the Magician". It's got Delano and Phillips doing their respective things, John interacting with Gemma and Cheryl, flashbacks, grimy magic, grief and regret and pity, imperfect families, rash decisions with long consequences, and pretty much every other thing I love about this book. "Dead Boy's Heart", "Waiting for the Man", and "In Another Part of Hell" are all pretty high on the list and might take the top spot if I were typing this at some other moment.
  8. For my last birthday, I bought myself a piece of Sean Phillips' art, a page from Hellblazer 100; I love it beyond all reason.
  9. That, or use it as a kleenex - anything but read it! The solicit says the 20th, but this early it may bump a week forward or back. I guess if nothing else, it'll give me an excuse for an extra gin and tonic.
  10. I haven't been by the shop since I learned of the cancellation, but there's a 50/50 shot I'll cry when the owner tells me he's gone ahead and added "Constantine" to my pull, because "it's got your guy in it".
  11. Dunno that I have 10 off the top, but "Family Man" and "Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go" would certainly top my list. "In at the Deep End" would feature, as would "Son of Man" and, much as it pains me to love on a Milligan story at this point, "Scab".
  12. I haven't been reading all that long in the life of the comic - after reading Original Sins somewhere in the middle of Carey's run, I jumped onto the monthly at "Reasons To Be Cheerful" - but I have been reading for most of my adult life to this point. Hellblazer is the book that brought me into my comics shop for the first time. According to the solicit, 300 is scheduled to come out on my birthday - worst present ever, DC!
  13. What if he turns up as the abandoned nephew? And comes upon John openly weeping. Again. Some more. Perhaps at a newly-erected monument to his never-born twin sister? Help us, Tommy Taylor; You're our only hope.
  14. Hope this is an appropriate thread for this! What's the word on Saucer Country? I like Ryan Kelly's art well enough that I'll definitely give it a look, but is it so good I need to catch up with the floppies yesterday or will it keep til trade? How are its odds of not being cancelled the moment I realize I like it stacking up?
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