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  1. American Gods

    There's plenty of stuff that's not from the books, including additions like the Omani chap's story after his onenight stand, Vulcan, and the dead wife/leperchaun roadtrip, as well as stuff that's markedly different, like the season ending and Easter's actions. So it isn't a word-for-word adaptation (plenty of stuff lifted from the book, though, like THAT scene with Bilquis, and the Stormare stuff) and it'll clearly diverge some more. Still, it delivers on what the book was on.
  2. Video Games

    Anyone tried Hellblade?
  3. Preacher the movie? Televangelism!

    It is a fairly broadstrokes adaptation and yet everything about it I feel could have been done by Garf.
  4. What's going on with you?

    I have fucked up. Transit visas are a thing, apparently.
  5. What's going on with you?

    I'm going to New Zealand.
  6. Possibly going to Auckland on hollyday. Hostel recommendations?
  7. What's going on with you?

    I wanna immigrate. Anywhere being not racist?
  8. Video Games

  9. Declare a love for something

    Aisling Bea.
  10. Picture this

  11. What's the supermarket chain in the UK that isn't Tesco. Has a black?orange?white?? logo or something.
  12. Video Games

    I think that if you eat a couple, or three,
  13. Video Games

    The character creator in ME:A is a bit rubbish, feels like less options than prior games. My Ryder looks like a Saints Row pc wandered into another game. Animations are weird, and there is pretty shoddy syncing. nothing like a dormant robot falling over and a character reacting several seconds later, or watching blue Natalie Dormer zip across a room like the flash when a cutscene ends. But it is good to be back.
  14. Video Games

    Horizon Zero Dawn is indeed very good so far. I'm trying to savor it by not playing more than an hour a day, though with Mass Effect A on the horizon, not sure what I'm gonna do.
  15. Logan