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  1. With Fallout 4, Westworld, and Blade Runner all coming out in the last three years, there aren't a lot of terribly new ideas.

    Sometimes, works of fiction use real life imagery and language associated with discrimination and the fight against it to tell fantastic stories, rather than using fantasy to address issues, and unfortunately this is the case. It is not subtle at all.

    But the ideas it presents, not-new though they are, are presented stylishly. The music is EXCELLENT. The voice acting is much better than in heavy rain, with no suspiciously French-sounding people in Detroit. And Clancy Brown is your buddy, which is a plus.


  2. There's plenty of stuff that's not from the books, including additions like the Omani chap's story after his onenight stand, Vulcan, and the dead wife/leperchaun roadtrip, as well as stuff that's markedly different, like the season ending and Easter's actions.

    So it isn't a word-for-word adaptation (plenty of stuff lifted from the book, though, like THAT scene with Bilquis, and the Stormare stuff) and it'll clearly diverge some more. Still, it delivers on what the book was on.

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