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  1. Hard to tell how things have changed from just the pilot. It isn't by any means a comic to change, but so far the biggest change I think is that A few minor changes
  2. I liked the pilot it was good. Y'all figure the vampire hunters on the airplane were supposed to be agents of the grail?
  3. The Boys had a great premise and not a bad mythology, and there's not a thing to fuck up. I don't think they can do the excessive digs at the big two so they'll tone it down.
  4. The worst I've seen from Snyder, which is saying something. Characters do things and things happen that are really awkward in execution and make little sense. It sort of lumbers along until one point when Bats is abruptly standing on a rooftop and apparently its going down. And then they reconcile because both their mothers are named Martha. Animosity gone. The worldbuilding is pretty cringeworthy. And it comes in two lumps; there's a subplot about Wonder Woman [blackout]stealing some files from Bruce, who himself stole from Luthor. Then she gives them to Bruce because they're encrypted so he decrypts them and when he sees the files include a WWI picture of Diana, he... He forward them to her, and they happen to include other footage of Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg. And that footage is also shown. In its entirety. We get treated to an extended shot of Aquaman scowling and slowly punching an underwater camera. A glimpse, if at all, would have sufficed, but not for the Snyderector.[/blackout] And aside from jumping in to help in the climax, that's the extent of Wonder Woman's involvement. The other lump is a sequence where Bruce has a dream of living in a post-apocalyptic world under Superman's tyranny, [/blackout]which is followed by Bruce waking up, and then having a stranger bursting in through time and space to warn him of future happenings. And then he wakes for real.[/blackout] It might have been meant something for those versed in the DC universe but it came off as ridiculous for me. Batman and Alfred are great. Superman is sort of a reactive character and doesn't do as much. Lex Zuckerberg kind of grew on me.
  5. Barfleck good. There's a bunch of stuff that is blatantly there to set up future movies and it is pretty cringeworthy.
  6. I'm not overly fond of the second season.
  7. So I read Neocomicon. It was, uh, certainly something.
  8. Never seen it but I expect he'll be a tragic figure with noble qualities while decidedly being an antagonist.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wraSRo8ls-4
  10. I do believe the movie lineup is based on the newer post-DC-reboot series, if that helps any.
  11. I dunno about the Joker, myself. Seems too over the top. Which is actually appropriate, however... The rest? I am very much into.
  12. These mutants are aging beautifully for being their mid-late forties. Also, I thought the bits of the trailer with the bible and the krishna to be rather silly.
  13. I dig it. It's Snyder so it can only be so tolerable, but I'm finding myself liking the idea of Batfleck.
  14. I meant the first time, and apparently I missed the fact that Lester had tackled her on Kilgrave's word. Two other questions; what was Reva doing with the flashdrive? And who hired Jessica to spy on Luke and his married girlfriend if it wasn't the husband, and why?
  15. I'm a bit into episode 10 and no spoilers please but why the hell is Jessica pleased about being able to resist Kilgrave when she did let him go?
  16. I agree with you on the registration, Red. It boils down to 'this group of people privilaged with power deserve the privilage of vigilantism' My dislike of Iron Man/RDJ prevents me from rooting for the guy, however. I think a better counterpoint might have been superheroes being used as special forces, or as a political tool. What if the government decided to keep the Avengers from helping out at an emergency in Wakanda in order to strongarm their government into exporting vibranium. It is kind of rich that Ross, the guy who got a foreign soldier on the path to turn into an unstoppable beast who ripped Harlem to shreds, only to get appointed to a cabinet position. And Tony, builds a robot that destroys a citystate and suffers no consequence, being the voice for accoutability. Ad hominem, perhaps, but still.
  17. Gordon getting the shit beaten out of him was oddly satisfying.
  18. Lover? Did I miss something? Steve and Bucky are popular as a romantic pairing in places that go for that sort of thing. Huuuuge over on tumblr. Utter nonsense, of course. Sam/Steve is where its at. I thought the storyline was shit, so I'm blind to any nuance the event might have held, but Cap's motivation was that that the pro-registration side were off the deep end, nigh cartoonishly so. Iron Man is Marvel's biggest draw so they can't have him being the guy who builds a gulag and orchestrates a war with Atlantis, so they make it about Bucky TBH if they are making a Civil War movie (they shouldn't though), 'I'll stand with my friend gainst all these trifling bitches' is better than 'super-powered people ought do what they like'
  19. Zack Snyder is a lost cause, I'm sorry to say. I liked his Superman well enough, but his propensity for over the top messianic imagery irks me, and, you know, all the wind and length. I hope it does well but I'm looking much, much more forward to Suicide Squad.
  20. Conceptually, tattood joker might not be a bad idea, but those all look shirty. The damaged one, most of all.
  21. I quite enjoy it, myself. It feels like Fincher x BtAS and it is a combination that ends up weird in a fun way. They aughta scale back on introducing so much major characters from the Batman mythos, though.
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