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  1. Conceptually, tattood joker might not be a bad idea, but those all look shirty. The damaged one, most of all.
  2. I quite enjoy it, myself. It feels like Fincher x BtAS and it is a combination that ends up weird in a fun way. They aughta scale back on introducing so much major characters from the Batman mythos, though.
  3. It also been said T'Challa may appear in CA3: Civil War Will.
  4. I think they said that humans ultimately ally with mutants against the sentinels, so the Sentinels go after everyone.
  5. Wright's departure is unsettling, given how he's been invested in the project since Iron Man was getting made.
  6. John Doman is the name of the older actor speaking to Gordon in the earlier part of the trailer. He was Bill Rawls on The Wire.
  7. It looks like it might be a bit trashy, if I'm honest. Young Catwoman feels a bit lame as a concept, and the lack of mustache and glasses is asininely concerning. but I loved Gotham Central, so will certainly give this a look. Who's John Doman supposed to be, I wonder.
  8. Recently read Planetes. It was rather good.
  9. So the new-great-movie-tingles have worn off and I've begun to see the cracks. So far its one crack, really, and it is that Natasha didn't seem to have thought or be able to filter out her own past, so she must have not filtered out anything. Literally everything SHIELD had is in the open, including the identities of people the good side of SHIELD was trying to protect, and the identities of people currently embedded in various groups of bad people.
  10. It was quite good, by which I mean Marvel's best offering yet. Scarlet does Black Widow much better as a stoic than as a friendly sort who makes jokes, though.
  11. ?. The second one was the good one, surely?. No. Oh, no. Like, that was the one with Scarlett Johansson, so that is why you might be confused. The first one is the better one, IMHO. I'd even go as far as saying it was the best Marvel movie to date.
  12. Robert Redford is in it. Never thought we'd see Sundance in another big hollywood movie, much less a comic book one.
  13. Also, looks like they took cues from Brian K Vaughan's mini.
  14. Looks adequate to my needs, as it includes a rampaging Samurai.
  15. The ending battle of part 2 is excellent.
  16. Not looking too forward to this. Kind of burned out on Iron Man. Ben Kingsley as some weird pimp terrorist is intriguing, though.
  17. St. Apathy


    That's Sharon Carter, niece to Steve's lady from the movie.
  18. St. Apathy


    I've seen those before, but this is the first I've noticed the Avengers are being interviewed by Lois Lane and Clark Kent, and the photographer is Jimmy Olsen.
  19. St. Apathy


    He is. The guy with the glasses is Bruce Banner. They'd lost a bet and have to walk around the block naked.
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