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  1. The Jon Kent bit seems like manipulative trailer editing to me. A couple of bits from others part spliced together to give you a different idea of what is actually going on.
  2. The Nemo os is about the original Nemo's daughter, who is also Jenny Diver, from the song.
  3. St. Apathy

    Ultimates v. 4.0

    President Cap is sort of like the ASBAR of Marvel.
  4. ^ The best bit about it is when he pauses midway to look at him, and then smashed him a bit more.
  5. Watched the first three eps. Too grimdark for my taste. Ollie comes across as unlikeable what with the murdering all the henchpeople/bodyguards/people who possibly don't know what they're mixed in while letting the crime bosses off with a slap on the wrist.
  6. Tony can see through satellites, now. There, saved you the trouble.
  7. On somewhat related news, Black Widow and Hawkeye will co-star in the Captain America movie. Seems like overkill to me.
  8. Hm. I see a problem. Once they've now established the Avengers, certain logical problems arise. For instance, if someone starts going after Tony Stark in a big way, why wouldn't his newfound pals Thor or Captain America step in to help out? Or even the entire SHIELD apparatus, for that matter. If this issue isn't at least hinted at in the new film, I'll be annoyed. Same reason they don't always show up to lend a hand in the comics, I suppose. The movies could actually be happening simultaneously. So as the Mandarin is launching an airstrike on Iron Man's mansion, Thor could be fighting Dark Elves. Which leads to another condition, they could be worlds apart. With Thor, that is something literal, and Banner is a bit of a drifter as well, while Cap and the rest of the SHIELD crew are more prone to globetrotting escapades. Also, the Avengers aren't really that close knit at this point. So I'd understand them wanting to take care of matters that concern them by themselves, the way they see fit.
  9. Mandarin has a tattoo of what appears to be Captain America's shield on the back of his neck. Weird.
  10. I think he stayed there for a bit, but then was released, not knowing that it was only because his wife had arranged it.
  11. So someone point something out to me. The prison Bruce gets tossed into is called The Pitt. In there, he is reinvigorated, regains his focus, and his knees even heals. The unnamed mercenary (was Ducard his real name?) goes there, and then leaves to become Ra's Al Ghul. Bane is disfigured, but when he leaves the pitt, he gains the mask and in his words people start caring about him. It's a Lazarus pitt, in a manner of speaking.
  12. In the movie, Iron Man asks Thor in mock Shakespearian English if his mother knows that he wears her drapes.
  13. I think it was a dislocated vertebrae.
  14. Deshi bisrua means, in some gulf nation dialects, means 'Get in, quick' when spoken to a female. Teegi تيجى بسرعة bisura, in Egyptian Arabia, means 'it comes quick' or 'come quick' But if its Moroccan Arabic, then your guess is as good as mine as its pretty much incomprehensible to most Arabs East of Libya.
  15. What I want to know is; if Batman retired very shortly after TDK, how does he end up needing a cane?
  16. Saw it, loved the shit out of it. I feel comfortable about calling it superb. My favorite of the trilogy, really. But I must gripe. This is the first time that Bale's Bat-voice bothered me, but I got back into the swing of it as we went along. I thought Bane's accent was cartoonishly over the top, but I learned to ignore it. I could have done without the shot of Bruce and Selina. Just have Alfred toasting someone off-camera, leave a little bit of mystery.
  17. I thought at the time that he was referring to Ken Watanabe's character, Unu, Sensei, or whoever. The fake Ra's, who was/acted everything the real Ra's was about, while Ducard (it may be his real name) was an identity, someone who believed in Ra's doctrine (because it was his own) and was Bruce's friend. Except Ducard sees himself as Ra's, not as Bruce's mentor, so he takes what Bruce had done to faux!Ra's personally. Or something else that's convoluted. EDIT: Just remembered that fake Ra's died by accident and isn't left for dead at all. So scratch that.
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