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  1. My copy of scott pilgrim kind of sucks

    well, i did contact amazon and they said they would refund me the money and would send me a new copy of the books. They also said i shouldnt return the defective ones since it would be too expensive ( i live in argentina ), so good for me. I just hope that the third volume i ordered at the same time i ordered v.1 and 2 doesnt come with the same problem. In any case, i heard somewhere that there is a market for misprinted comics and such, but i doubt a copy of scott pilgrim poorly cut would be worth shit.
  2. So I got the first two volumes of scott pilgrim in the mail today and as i was going trough the pages i couldnt help to notice that in each page a few inches are missing in the outer edges, resulting in some (minimal) words missinG and also "severed" artwork. I was hoping that if any of you has the same problem you would let me know. I dont exactly know wich printing i got, but the numbers in the bar code thingy go as this: ISBN 978-1-932664-08-9 (FOR VOLUME ONE)AND ALSO A 51195
  3. Missing Members

    Did i not write it well.... it is one of my many many flaws, along with terrible terrible tasteless jokes... Mick, nice to see that you and your poor grammar are alive and well
  4. Frank Castillo

    So i´ve just finished reading Welcome back Frank and i really liked it. What other Punisher books should i read?
  5. What's going on with you?

    Well, its been a while since i last showed my ulgy mug around this place. For those of you who care, let me tell you whats been going on with me: The last 3 or so months have been kind of weird for me. OCD finally got the best of me and I started therapy. I have been learning and understanding a lot about myself and the way my fucked up head works and that puts a lot of things in perspective now. Some days are better than others, but nothing too serious. I still work in advertising, though i might have realized its not what i really wanna do but a part of me still enjoys it. I finally got a PS3 and a High def TV, so...hooray for me. Downside is that there are a million games I wanna buy but cant afford,hehe. Still single Still fat, but not as fat as i used to be Still addicted to nicotine......way to addicted maybe Still a drunk Still a nerd. And those were enough "still´s" for one evening, so i am getting the fuck off. I´ll try to visit more. It was good seeing all of ya....... Kisses and hugs. Jon
  6. panels, pages that made you laugh

    pages 2 and 3 of issue 98 and the issue with chas´s mom monkey
  7. What's going on with you?

    i bought comics the other day.....like,real comics.....as in paper. It might not mean much to any of you, but i havent bought comics in years so i am really proud of myself.
  8. Beyond A Joker

    saw it yesterday and i fucking loved it. Themomento the joker showed up i almost shit my pants ( i think i might have a little bit). Everything about the movie was perfect, but i´ll have to see it again cause i have a problem about not sitting far from the screen at the movie theatre. If i am not as far as possible i have troubles seeing the entire screen as a whole and i get all dizzy and confused,hahaa.
  9. What's going on with you?

    you mean whats going on with me right this second??? well,let me tell you. I am all alone at work at 11 in the night,enjoying a beer, listening to bad religion really loud and writing scripts for a TV ad, allready getting a bit drunk and i also just found a pack of cigarettes somebody left behind.....yep,life´s good.
  10. Hiya all I'm new- where should I start?

    I dont know if anyone answered yet cause i am not reading all the posts. As far as i know, there is nothing special about John´s tie....its just a tie. As for the suit, he stopped wearing it for a looooong time. Then andy Diggle decided to use it again. It does have some significance though, at the beginning of Andy´s run, John is triying to get back on "top of things", and the suit is part of the JC he wants to be....or some shit like that.
  11. Missing Members

    hi,i am still around. Its just that these days i lurk in the shadows rather than post. I spend to much time at work and sometimes its hard to post........actually i am just lazy. When i was a young member i liked to post for no reason, but nowadays i like to post for some reason,but i dont seem to find that too much lately.
  12. Iron Man

    You mean the guy from the really long name goverment organization that says they changed the name to shield? was that Fury? Oh it's there alright. SPOILER I SUPPOSE. Late at night, Tony walks into his Sci-Fi lounge (the one with the view) and is startled by an intruder. The intruder in the shadows identifies himself as Nick Fury, Director of Shield. When Nick steps into the light we can see that it's Samuel L Jackson sporting an eye patch. Nick questions Tony's superhero activities, informing him that he is not alone and asking him about his place in this "Universe". Then he asks Tony if he's heard of the "Avengers" initiative/protocol. Top geek fair. That didnt happen in the one i saw.......and i didnt stay till the end of the credits.
  13. Iron Man

    You mean the guy from the really long name goverment organization that says they changed the name to shield? was that Fury?
  14. Iron Man

    saw it yesterday...........fucking loved it. The only thing that bothered me a bit was that i thought Tony stark was supossed to be a self righteous asshole and the movie portrays him as quite a lovable character.
  15. T-Shirts : The End

    once upon a forum, someone here made a really cool mucous membrane t-shirt. Forumites ordered said shirt. The forum administrator never sent them. THE END.