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  1. jae

    Absolute collectors

    I want to pick up the Starman one. It was the only series that came out of the zero hour that survived. Anybody remember Fate or Primal Force?
  2. Hollywood blows ass. Do you know how many great movie scripts that never get made because of studios? It's ridiculous.
  3. Oh kieran culkin is going to play Wallace Wells
  4. I actually started to get back into comics again because of Y but the end of the series was rather blah. Same thing with Fables it just needs a sort of I don't know but a big explosion to make it interesting again.
  5. I was just talking to an artist who works on a dark horse line of comic. We both agreed it's better to end than to ever recreate anew and suffer years of stagnation. Unless you can bring something real to the table. As far as a movie goes. Well sorry im from the US and Constanine is set in Britain were it needs to be set. London is his home. His haunted place. he knows the city. he needs to smoke and be who so many people have modeled their characters on. A smoking misanthropic arsehole, who you never liked. And Chas needs to be an adult. The queenie story is so essential to the mythology. It's why he puts up with John. And they need a script. A real hold on to your seat script.
  6. It's actually 20,000 women he said but I can see the correlation... Fucking brilliant naming of the series. I was looking at on Amazon and I was like Wilt? and soon released who they were referring too. I need to run down to the dinky rack this weekend and pick up dirty although I heard its on 4 issues and was thinking to get them together. But you need to read the story of the 100 point game though it's amazing.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilt_Chamberl..._100-point_game
  7. jae

    Your comic reading ritual

    the first time around collecting comics books. i would get mine and read them in the car before work or while on break. Although I would also read them late at night too. In college I would pick them up and smoke a huge bowel and listen to pink floyd.... This last time around of collecting comics I didn't have a car and since it was 2 hr trip to the comic book store and back I would read them on my way back. Although I would stop once we encountered a bad part of town just to look at all the characters on the sidewalk. Unfortunatly the only reason I stopped was due to being chronically sick for over a year and I could'nt handle 2 hrs with not being able to use the restroom.
  8. I still see it taking a load of time to get made and Sam Mendes is at his best when creating aspects of American Life; whereas, in Road to Perdition, Mendes softened the story and added a Jude Law's character but then the major problem everyone had with the movie was you couldn't attach yourself to the characters. Wherein, A History of Violence movie albeit different from the graphic novel works because the audience is more involved with the characters.
  9. For me a Superman movie needs more than just a lex luthor it needs another villian to offset Lex's character and help build a better story
  10. Try watching x-men the last stand and see what they did to Angel...
  11. I heard it blew the monkey's balls... by a friend who is reliable he didn't even sit through it and he's known for sitting throught whole movies and not moving even if he needs to pee. He uses... well okay...
  12. It won't get made and even if does it won't last... Fables jumped the shark when it revealed the adversary since than its been well boring
  13. the little warts over at coming soon are threatening a boycott of Fox if they delay they movie... I could really care less if it comes out I probably won't go see and then maybe I might... since the last film I saw in the theater was the dark knight and before that it was the proposition...
  14. Do not spoil the thread. or I will set furrber upon you
  15. I haven't picked up any titles in ages and probably going to keep it that way for awhile but I don't think Vertigo is going to start any new projects with all the dismal ones they had over the past few years
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