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  1. it was but they pulled it and fixed it, i guess
  2. actually yes. i mean a consistent artist. that's a better way to say it. he had so many different ones.
  3. Herr Starr is a glaring omission from season 1. Having Jesse and Tulip as childhood friends changes their dynamic.Sending Arseface to hell? Why can the voice send him there and not bring him back? the inconsistencies with the power of the voice irk the fuck out of me. And Quincannon's loophole that he serves the god of meat so the voice didn't work on him the way Jesse intended? vomit! i was hoping to see him fucking his meat fuck doll but I knew that wouldn't happen. All that said, I enjoyed the finale. but I have a question: in the show, Jesse murders a guy in cold blood. I didn't think, other than the forces against him hurling foes at him non stop, he'd killed anyone before because of that whole redneck hillbilly honor thing. That's why Cassidey is an abomination, cuz he murders. I think having Jesse be a murderer makes his character less sympathetic unless you're playing for the way too obvious restitution/penance angle. I might be wrong and he did kill someone in the past, but I don't think so. The Saint, so far, is elegant in its accuracy to my mind.
  4. kinda peels back the skin, don't it?
  5. i don't mean to insult any of the early artists Delano worked with, and it was the 80s, but I wonder how different his run would have been with one of the artists who drew hellblazer for a significant time. i know Simpson had a decent run drawing for Delano but i felt his style was too old school for such an in your face comic. I wonder if Delano had had Jock for longer than Pandemonium, or Manco, or Dillon (I know some of you don't like Dillon's 3 faces, but still) what a difference it would have made among current readers who didn't grow up with the book. Carey's John was my favorite. Delano, then Jenkins.
  6. i didn't like the art. and other than the pandering character name drops and cameos, the story wasn't interesting either. can't believe simon oliver wrote that. is john constantine so difficult to write?
  7. that's fine for you. i would just rather have something more like the comic than just the characters have the same names.
  8. Tulip's not horrible, i guess. by far the most interesting of the 3 characters. i just don't find jesse likable at all. that's a problem.
  9. I respectfully and totally disagree. Cassidey, Jesse and Tulip in the comic were way more interesting characters than the cardboard cutouts playing them on tv.. I'm not criticizing the actors, but the writers. They are written to be just uninteresting. the only part of the show with any interest to me is the saint of killers, and with one episode left, it'll either be a cliffhanger or won't happen til next season. i also hate that they've stayed in Anneville all season. the slow pacing is just killing me. they left Anneville in issue #1.
  10. i'm with you! i hope cinemax doesn't fuck up the Boys.
  11. http://io9.gizmodo.c...ce-l-1784334097 oh boy, john can make a force field! awwww, custom runes!
  12. i found it uninteresting. except for the 'we have to talk" scene.
  13. so it's fake as fuck? i want to boil whoever was responsible for doing that. sorry for the bother.
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