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  1. it's boring even when it gets urgent. i hate the junkie kid, the sister, the mom, and i'm close to hating the dad. at least we know not everything kirkman touches turns to gold. this is definitely some shit on his hands. i'll still watch it because the number of shows I watch currently is like 7 all week. but damn. kill em all!
  2. i don't mind the concept, it's the execution that's lacking. I hate all these characters and want them to die at the hands of zombie tormentors.
  3. I'm happy we get to see more Matt Ryan as John but there is the whole John chillin with DC capes paradox that I have no use for. I hate that he's in that universe. It's being a kid and one of your relatives dies and people who should know better keep saying shit like "gramma's in a better place. she's in heaven now." Bullshit, gramma's in a a hole in the ground, if that's a better plave, then gramma's life musta sucked. Does anyone get what I'm saying? of course beggars can't be choosers and I'm glad to see Matt'sd able to pay his bills. And he was so horribly shortchanged by a shitty network I have no use for at all now that his show's gone.
  4. I like the new Walking DeAd commercial. They call it the "shadows teaser". It's the one where each character morphs into another one as the camera slowly zooms in. It's very low lit. Starts with Daryl, then Maggie, Glenn, Carl, michonne, Abraham, Sasha, carol, Morgan, and rick. http://www.amc.com/shows/the-walking-dead/video-extras/trailer-shadows-the-walking-dead-season-6-premiere?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=shadows_promo&utm_campaign=TWD-Insiders-Club-09-04-2015
  5. There is absolutely nothing to fear about Fear the Walking Dead. Too much drama, not enough walkers.
  6. http://nerdist.com/rumor-jon-hamm-may-play-negan-on-the-walking-dead/
  7. I am still enjoying Low, but parts of the most recent issue were hard to figure out based on the art. It wasn't particularly messy, just wildly drawn.
  8. there is an animated version too.
  9. i liked it a lot. i don't know what you all are going on about.
  10. Here's another article. http://nerdlowdown.com/2015/07/16/constantine-may-live-on-in-arrow/
  11. slinker

    The Walking Dead

    Character cull!
  12. Season 6 Walking Dead Trailer fresh from the Comicscons. http://www.amc.com/s...g-dead-season-6 do you have any idea who you're speaking to? And the new Fear the Walking Dead trailer http://www.amc.com/shows/fear-the-walking-dead/video-extras/official-comic-con-trailer-fear-the-walking-dead-world-premiere
  13. slinker

    The Walking Dead

    Such a soap opera now. But that last page. Holy shit!
  14. slinker

    Image Comics

    Saga has become quite exciting of late after going through a ho hum period.
  15. slinker

    The Walking Dead

    God damn it, Carl! You ruined the fair!
  16. Episode 2 was the one that snared me. It's my favorite of season 1. But it's not like the quality went down after it. It maintained its excitement and storytelling throughout.
  17. It didn't bother me that they directly made the point John is bi at all. It just seemed like it was done more placatively to a large portion of fans who were outraged about the show not overtly doing same. But it was Far from subtle. And it's fine they addressed it early on rather than alienate that same portion of fans. Christian, you still seem to have a problem with my earlier comments about the bisexuality controversy from the show when I've made it clear several times that my opinion has changed. I still disagree with the canon argument, but I never disagreed that he was bi. And I did a 180 regarding the dismissal of his sexuality for the show after someone made a point no one else had made prior to my coming around. They should have included his sexuality in the show and I'm glad they included it in the new book. But it wasn't subtle in the least.
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