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  1. Preacher the movie? Televangelism!

    I see the Axis and Allies boardgame in the "young Jesse's room".
  2. Brexit Club - UK Politics

    i guess times change for the better, huh. twas a pretty low bar to begin with, buuuut anyway I was being serious. Germany is the number one in patent application filings per year in Europe. There are three european patent offices, one in Netherlands because historically they had a great database. The other two are in Germany (Munich and Berlin). They made sure that the unitary patent does not enter into force until they sign it (and it will be the last State to sign it before it starts). The whole thing is really being pushed by German lawmakers. Maybe my statement of "big German dream" may be reductionist because other countries are doing a lot of efforts, but I believe the main pulling force in patent unification since 1970 has been Germany. Not the only pulling force but probably the most important.
  3. Brexit Club - UK Politics

    It actually affects my job quite directly. UK is one of the most active countries in industrial property and the big German dream of a unified patent system is being held back because of Brexit. It became a legal mess. I am quite sure UK will talk its way to get max benefits, as always, but the problem is that it is not being done fast enough.
  4. Brexit Club - UK Politics

    Why? May won, no? Or you were expecting better results for Lord Buckethead?

    Somebody said on twitter that we are in the stage of a History book referred to as 'factors leading to' before the maps become really complicated with arrows. Nah, I don't believe we are at the verge of anything. Watergate was big at the time, and people still remembers it, because people paid a lot of attention. Now there is too much information. I am not very familiar with that scandal, but probably Cheeto Manbaby made worse stuff and people are just getting numb.

    The youngest child of that asshole has autism, apparently. I don't know if the kiddo is very autistic, but if he is, it's normal he reacted badly to a gory photo of his father. That said, maybe his father should have tried to be a better father and keep outside of the spotlight (assuming the autism thing is true).
  7. Video Games

    Bloodborne is Dark Souls meets Lovecraft, right?
  8. Declare a love for something

    I don't know how they managed to pull it off, but Baahubali 2 was released in Belgium. It's not even listed in IMDB. We were gobsmacked by the first one, which we watched in a cinema festival. I think the second one got released in more countries but since I cannot trust IMDB, I don't want to mislead anyone. They call it the Lord of the Rings of indian cinema for a reason.
  9. What's going on with you?

    Hugs, be strong for the dog, I heard they get sad if they see you down.
  10. What's going on with you?

    i am not sure. I believe the 'banana beer' and 'chocolate beer' has sweeteners and other ingredients (I shudder everytime I recall the chocolate beer...) but the lambic and derivatives (geuze, etc) has actual fruits added during the production process. The cherries they use for the 'kriek' are sour cherries that you can find around these lands. That was at least the traditional way, but now it may be different. Hey Dogpoet, if you enjoy cider, I have to recommend you to spend a weekend or so in Asturias. Any small town will do, I personally like Llanes because you got sea and mountain. They make a cider which must be hit against the glass in order to create some sparkling effect, you pour small quantities and drink it fast. The remaining at the bottom of the glass gets usually discarded. Here, allow me to demonstrate: Yeeeeah, yes, it's messy and probably you get the same by shaking the bottle, but that's the tradition and they like it that way.
  11. What's going on with you?

    I still live in Belgium. The most usual beers here have at least 6%. Having lager or Murphys is a refreshing change for me. There is a type of beer around Brussels called Lambic, with spontaneous fermentation. To untrained mouths is can result disgusting, like vinegar made out of pee, but soon you get used to the weird taste, and eventually it becomes very tasty. According to a friend of mine, driven by the commercial success of sweet sodas like coca cola, they started to mix lambic with fruits. That's how you get the strawberry, pear or the most famous cherry beer (kriek), so popular nowadays. But you can still find the original one.
  12. Brexit Club - UK Politics

    It goes both ways, France is having a terrible time and there are voices of leaving also the EU. My sympathies to the French.

    Hey cheer up. In the end of the seventies, with the rise of Islam in Iran, everybody thought the world will end with a nuclear crusade. And fourty years later, here we are, everybody thinking the world will end with a nuclear crusade.

    found this funny http://imgur.com/gallery/uhaYz
  15. Brexit Club - UK Politics

    So Brexit is happening,