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  1. I see the Axis and Allies boardgame in the "young Jesse's room".
  2. I haven't watched Iron Man, so I really liked Dr Strange. Dormammu was based on the face of Benedict too. Question: is Strange going to appear along with the avengers or Thor or something like that? I dont follow Marvel aside of few comics of Deadpool so I dont know the link between Strange and other Marvel characters and stories.
  3. So the series hasn't started yet? Are they going to be broadcasted in bbc or any european channel? ED: ok, the nbc. I don't chatch it here, oh well.
  4. GODDAMMIT THE TEXT DISSAPPEARED fuck ok, few words. Constantine in Hellblazer is pretty much like Doctor Who in 'The Christmas Invasion'. He mutters six words and a Prime Minister is removed. Or James Bond, sure he could yippee-ki-yay the shit out of the baddies with a Gatling gun, but he instead sleeps with the wife of the bad guy to get access to a computer. I haven't seen that much in superhero comics, I find that the style is more throwing fire from the fists while quoting Patton. Both styles are equally vaild. Has the style of Constantine in the new comics changed so much? I guess he still has a cynical spirit, at least?
  5. Ok, instead of searching and reading ratings and critic´s opinions and expose myself to spoilers, I will just ask a short question; I have the series of Gargoyles, should I watch Gargoyles or Constantine?
  6. Damn son, those guys at deviantart... This one from http://piecee01.deviantart.com/
  7. Um, I just scrolled down the thread, I may be misunderstanding something, but... is it going to be a Constantine/My Little Pony crossover?
  8. bissette should stack some cheddar based on his creation should stack some cheddar I am going to force situations to use that expression as often as possible.
  9. http://cheezburger.com/7824663552 http://www.deadline....warner-bros-tv/ We can't get enough of Jonathan Constantine. Edit: Eppa! Thanks Brown for relocating this.
  10. The best scene was with the motherfucker and the prison. The rest of the movie had too much blah blah nonsense, but it's watchable. Those were my two cents.
  11. Honestly tho, who's wearing nowadays those sock suspenders? Those that always remind me of Pippi Langstrumpf. I don't know the proper name, but my guess it's that they are outdated since elastopolymers hit the lingerie industry. Probably still worn due to cosmetic reasons. Anyway, sorry for deviating the point of this thread, we were talking about Keanu Reeves wearing lingerie.
  12. Hum, one second. Sadly, I could not find any photo of Keanu Reeves with fishnets. You will have to imagine that. Unless... Erue, you have something else to do! :D
  13. *sob* I didn't make it to London, at the end. I'll raise a glass of gin tonic in your name from Ghent.
  14. Is the frogurth also cursed? Wait, wrong Simpsons episode.
  15. Close, but not even Prudence could foresee the substitution of one series for another.
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