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  1. look whos rockin the power abs, lads!! yummy!! woof!!
  2. id give it an 8. i thought the story was great. the artwork looked wonderful. did these guys do captain atom armageddon? i cant wait 4 the next issue.
  3. i have hd quite a few covers on my piece of shit computer of the years. what fun it is!!
  4. im looking forward to this one, lads! beautiful cover!! nice little xmas gift right here!
  5. holy fucking shit that trailer was so badass!!! mmm comedian and doc manhattan grrrr!!! yummy!! cant waitto see that!!
  6. okay probably just stating the obvious here, but is mako some kind of big cat demon thing? kewl mutha f***in art 8/10!!! woof!!
  7. so getting that f**ing movie when it comes out. mmmmmm yummy. as for the 2nd figure, bound to happen at any time. think about it, they already got the guy to play him.
  8. that is one beautiful cover!!!! im happy that the trade is coming out. i got a few of the issues when i was in chi-town last year. kickass!! :rolleyes: :icon_2gun: :icon_shotgun:
  9. mmm gerard butler that is one nice piece of eye candy grrrrr woof ***homer simpson drool** big king
  10. i was watching the crucible when i read the ras was gonna be in the movie.
  11. this is probably just me but i was kinda hoping they would get daniel day-lewis to play ras al ghul. when u see batman the animated series not that load of shit tey have on now, it makes sense. :happy: :icon_2gun:
  12. anybody getting a killing joke or hush vibe from this photo. mmm jim lee hush ***homer simpson drool*** cause that is what im getting from it. jack nickelson, eat ur heart out. might i add grrr
  13. tripwire magazine has a ten page article on old conjob. it ships in august, but i might have seen it in a hastings bookstore last week. has hellboy on the cover i think. damn resolution on my computer is pretty fucked up.
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