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  1. I gave it a 6....the ending better be good :glare:
  2. Ok i am gonna get the trades...it was my birthday yesterday so why not indulge myself....hell yeah
  3. Try this- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beowulf_%282007_film%29 Sounds interesting...... There is also this one as well- http://www.princeofthegeats.com/index.html So looks interesting for anyone into Beowulf
  4. Isnt the Gaiman one a animated film though ?
  5. http://www.beowulfandgrendel.com/ And while were at it...has anyone read any of these- http://www.dccomics.com/graphic_novels/?gn=1656 Any good ?
  6. Just got the new Moon Knight and while i cant remember too much about the old one i have to say that this looks very interesting....hmmmm....
  7. I just got the box set of the HBO 'Spawn' series which was made in the late nineties i think and its really good...very dark.
  8. Just read 'SON OF MAN'.....very good...best Ennis one yet...well worth getting.
  9. When i read he went both ways.............not good........not good at all.......
  10. Did i miss it or was it pulled ? I enjoyed issue#1 but it seems to have vanished from the Image site ?
  11. Hellboy


    I would rather stick a pencil down my jap's eye than read a 'Spidey' comic......
  12. Now finished the Ennis run and i have to say its the worst run i have read. All that maudlin Irish stuff....what the fucks that all about :glare: Give me Carey any day.
  13. I think Mark has summed the issue pretty much and i gave it a seven. Great cover and fantastic art plus the story is going on very nicely. Good job.
  14. From what i have seen of the artwork for the HB toon show it looks like its made for a pre-school audience....it just looks wrong
  15. Hellboy

    War Lord

    Read it and binned it....the plot is just not Constantine...someone else maybe....but not Constantine.
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