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  1. I love Brian Bolland's cover work..... fantastic stuff.
  2. Just sae "The Bothers Grimm" and I didn't even realize that was ol' Petey in the third role.... He was his usual wacky self.
  3. What Johnny Mac said. It's actually one of my favorite mini-arcs. Just for curiousity sake alone you should pick up the other issue.
  4. For the Winick wonderers..... Judd's work on Exiles (Marvel comics) was fantastic. He took a relatively simple (and unoriginal) concept and made it very entertaining. Exiles= Sliders + Quantum Leap.
  5. My old stomping grounds for all things X: Mutant High Lots of good information on any mutant-related stuff in the Marvel U. I also contributed to this site..... before I realized how shitty Marvel comics are.
  6. Saw it, was bored by it, will never see it again. The Hulk doesn't show up until the end of the movie, and he's the only one worth watching. He kicks everyone's ass. JLU outshines this drivel like the sun vs. a 60-watt lightbulb.
  7. Well, eventually, aye. In fact, I suspect we'll see the total replacement of the monthly book format with a digital medium of some kind, eventually. Nonetheless, "eventually" is still some way away. At least 15 years, I'd say. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I wasn't talking about the monthlies. "Eventually" for massive collections is already "here." And "eventually" for DC collections is definitely shorter than 15 years. I'd say within the next 2 years we'll see Superman and Batman collected on cd-rom and dvd.
  8. Inca brings up a good point, and it looks like Marvel is going with it. They recently released an X-Men dvd that has every issue of Uncanny up to a few months ago. This will probably be the trend for the Big Two, and eventually for all publishers.
  9. Goran Sudzuka. He did a lot of fill-in work for Y:TLM. I'm not that fond of his art, so I guess this will be an in-store read for me.
  10. NightPunch

    Oh crap.

    Well Ex Machina only has 18 issues so far (I think) and Y:TLM is the kind of title you can pick up and get the gist of what's going on pretty easily (especially at this time when the title's going through a "rest period"). But I'm sure Mark could think up something for you based on your taste. You should PM him.
  11. That is pretty sweet. John Byrne, where have you gone?
  12. Just finished Invisible Kingdom........ and my brain is still warped. Probably the best comic series I've ever read (granted, I haven't read nearly as many as most of you lot). I knew The Invisibles would end this way, yet it still blew my mind.
  13. Yeah, I set my copy on fire too......
  14. Don't know if this thread exists somewhere else (didn't see anything in the 14 pages of this neck of the woods) but has anyone read Lady Constantine or is planning on getting the TPB when it drops next week? Worth reading or is it utter shite?
  15. Hags: I thought that was what you were arguing over.... :-?
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