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  1. I bought my WIZARD magazine a few months ago and it had this section dedicated to all of Alan Moore's work, it was great, i saw things like the killing joke and miracleman, so i investigated further and found on wikipedia a project that Moore had in mind, it was the BOMB!!!, if it hadn't been by those DC f***** Alan Moore would've agreed working with them, it went something like this: In the future the superheroes were a supreme authority, there were two houses, "The House Of Steel", represented by Superman and Wonderwoman, and the "House Of Thunder" represented by the Marvel Heroes, the synopsis was about how both houses would join forces through a marriage, thus, the superheroes would become an excessive authority, the main character was actually gonna be our mutual friend John Constantine!!! More info can be found at wikipedia encyclopedia, look for "Alan Moore" I would have loved to see John tryin to scam all the superheroes of Marvel and DC, that would have been so hilarious.
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