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    Um, well.... way too much shit? Medieval History, Military history, Russian History, German History, German LIterature, Russian LIterature, English Literature, WWII, WWI, Comics, Fantasy Novels, Sci-Fi Novels, Music, Stars (the kind in the sky, not in the detox clinic), sewing, beading, costumes, stage makeup, collecting.... I give up, you get the gist.
  1. The Final T-Shirt Poll

    and now I've taken up Donny's trick... THat last post was me.
  2. The Final T-Shirt Poll

    Small please, and with the shipping required to get it to Idaho...
  3. Moronic young male action movie fans? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ANd 12-year-old girls in love with Shia.
  4. ANd don't forget the American female audience's obsession with accents (yes, not all of the are British): Johnathan Rhys Meyers, Sean Connery, Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, Jonny Lee Miller, Ewan McGregor, Ioan Gruffudd... But of course that wouldn't appeal to their demographic at all :-)
  5. Nah, more like a tomb raider with an archeology degree :) I swear I've never seen so many "priceless archeological discoveries" turned into rubble so quickly. As for National Treasure... well honestly it looks like it'll be shitty, but fun, and since there's a free showing on campus on Tuesday... Hey, I'm a college student, I'll go to almost anything if it's free!
  6. Most iconic J.C. shots...

    That's the one 8-)
  7. Most iconic J.C. shots...

    An Arkham security tape of JOhn and Woodrue if memory serves...
  8. First of the fallen

    After reading enough Greek and Roman mythology to make my head spin I've come to the conclusion that gods who are part of a larger pantheon don't NEED consciences. It seems like they tend to have wives or pissed off relatives instead...
  9. First of the fallen

    lol hooray, someone managed to say it succinctly! Three paragraphs is the shortest explination I could come up with and it was still confusing so I didn't post it... Proof once again that James is a god :)
  10. Favorite Hellblazer Quotes

    "There are those exquisite days that seem to drift by, like dandelions caught on a light summer breeze. Then there are the rest of them--the ones that drift by like dandelions superglued to the arse end of a bull elephant." Hellblazer #116 I dont' necessarily love it for the John Constantineness (yeah yeah, not a word. It's 3a.m. and it is if I say it is!) of the phrase, I just love that description :)
  11. First of the fallen

    The short version? No. First of the Fallen and Lucifer are two different entities. If you go to the "Thology of Hellblazer" thread the guys have done a pretty good job of trying to hash out the system (it gets complicated). In Hellblazer #83 First of the Fallen (who refers to himself as The Devil, slightly different than being Lucifer/Satan) gives his own personal backstory. You want it quoted?
  12. Most iconic J.C. shots...

    My favorite image was always from End of the Line (#67) Dillon's title page where John's stretched out on a grave passed out with a bottle in his hand and the rain just pelting down. It's depressing, but at the same time it just fits so well...
  13. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    Hmm, will there be a discount for forum members?
  14. Killing John Constantine

    Guest I think most of us would prefer for Conjob to live a long and basically wretched life, both in story and as the Hellblazer series. That said, if given the choice between John meeting an appropriate end, or seeing the series linger for years with a repetative nowhere storyline, I'd rather see him dead. Hell, I think John would probably agree with me. At the moment we're very lucky. Carey's writing has been, in my opinion, superb and the stories are still going somewhere interesting. I want the Hellblazer series to continue for as long as it remains fresh and surprising, I don't like to see something I love staggering around half dead.
  15. Hmm, do you have any "enforcement" type words that might work? I just remember a friend of mine, a marketing major, describing hardsell to the exchange students. "Imagine you have a product, and you want to sell it. With the softsell you'd make them want it. Fluffy bunnies and babies and flowers and stuff. With the hardsell you'd make them afraid not to have it. Think the mafia showing up to your door and saying you WANT to pay them for protection, 'cause if you don't they're gonna break your knees."