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  1. ahem, I believe the current incarnation of the Constantine movie betrays both the spirit and the storyline of the comic. By pursuing a PG-13 rating I believe Warner Brothers is misleading people who will watch the movie, like it (since they're 13) and then find out that they aren't even legal to buy the real books. At the same time they're disenfranchising the loyal readers who expect to hear John curse and swear and just generally betray himself as the bastard he is. You know WB will decide to make their Keanu Reeves character the good guy, but one of the most fascinating parts of Hellblazer has always been the fact that John Constantine really is an anti-hero. He saves the day occasionally, but usually with a bodycount. He's a self-centered bastard who uses people and tends to get them hurt. By making John American, I believe that Warner Brothers have made us (americans) look bad ONCE AGAIN (and it's not like we need any help) by essentially stating that we selfrightouse imbecils won't watch a movie unless it's about us (if I could, I'd point out to them the success of movies like "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels," "Trainspotting," or for that matter "Snatch" (which WANTED to be British). I might also point out that as far as their hormone driven teenage girl market goes, girls like accents! Look at how much mileage James Marsters got out of a fake one.) They've damaged the spirit and the storyline by refusing to accept what an integral part John's nationality and his political beliefs have played in the comic. They've also killed some of the color, some of the life. Hellblazer loses some of its mystery (to those of us who still romanticise London) when it is transplanted into the very modern (in my opinion very un-magical) city of Los Angeles. fuck it, I'm tired of being rational. I don't like it, they're screwing with something that I love and it makes me VERY ANGRY.
  2. You win, this time. I can't stand looking at that thing...
  3. Yes, but he also played in "The Crow," and for that I will forever worship at the altar...
  4. As my eyes melt in their sockets... OK, OK, I PROMISE TO BE GOOD!!! Just make it go away...
  5. I'm not allowed to talk about that anymore. When I do my roommate hits me and threatens to burn my Brandon Lee collection (but just between you and me I think it's a big steaming pile of shit and I'd be REALLY happy if it never came out).
  6. Hooray!!! Our first two-page thread and it's already WAY off topic Damn these insipid smiley faces
  7. I have lots of nice stuff to say. He's nice to look at, if I found him tied up in my basement I wouldn't object too much.... Besides, he makes a really good Neo.
  8. That's being nice?He looks like his head's in a vice... OK, ok, I'm done, no more mocking in this thread, cross my heart (and my fingers)
  9. Sacrilege! Next you'll be editing out John's cigarettes and adding packs of nicoret gum, maybe turning his pint into a rootbeer float.
  10. AngieIs

    The Witching

    Depends on your taste, it runs more to the cute than the creepy. If it weren't for all of the nudity (camouflaged by strategicly placed bison horns, text boxes, people) and sex I'd probably compare it to Courtney Crumrin, with maybe a little bit of "Thesselaid" thrown in. I picked it up 'cause it had a (very mild) Lucifer crossover, but it's turned out a lot better than I expected (if you like the style).
  11. AngieIs

    The Witching

    So has anybody else fallen in love with this title? Written by Jonathan Vankin, drawn by Leigh Gallagher, and just generally awsome in my own (not nearly as humble as it should be) opinion.
  12. it's also inherantly evil, (and not in any of the fun ways), just for the record.
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