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  1. I would like to see this cover go through but if they get picky again and pull it like they did the issue of john being on a cross well that would suck cause this is a nice cover compared to the paper bag covers, but if anyone picks up on that crown of thornes, could be goodnight issue cover 224 and get some other quickly spurred up one like the one that replaced issue 218. I really do think its a great cover despite the crown, since it shows his age with the wrinkles and aged hands.
  2. the most disturbing moment for me since I started collecting is the Son of man graphic novel with emphasis on "graphic." I mean the words used to describe how harry cooper got impregnated by his own demonically possessed son was truely bizarre, and then seeing the guy glurg about germans and then crap out a innocent demon baby was truly gross, I did find him givin it to the lesbian very humorous though, too bad it didnt work out, hehe.
  3. I suppose they changed the cover on the basis of the whole religious conflict and the reason for it being not up to par or surpassing past covers is they probably had to change it at last notice, and I mean when you are put on a deadline, I guess this is the end result. I still say its a nice one though, I'm sorta new to the hellblazer series so I'm not all too familiar with the skull in the trenchcoat similarity you guys speak of.
  4. I just recently read somewhere that John Constantine is Bisexual, now I dont post this in order to start politics and moral bullshit, but I was just wondering if this is a fact and if so what issue did it state that he was? and what was the premise for making john this way? I could only guess that maybe he did it for a con but I could be wrong about that and it could just be his preference, but anyways thanks to whoever helps clear this up. :icon_frown:
  5. I recently have been buying DMZ issues I got part 1 and 3 of "on the ground" but I must've been too late to catch part 2, does anyone know how I could get my hands on it? I really wanna follow this series from its beginning, middle and well lets not say end but "continuation" pardon if I misspell that.
  6. I just recently got into Hellblazer comics, I wasn't able to earlier in my life because I guess you could say lack of awareness.I liked most of the marvel stuff like Iron man, Captain America, Spawn, Wolverine. I am american, so I dunno, still a new guy on all things John Constantine, I really do find him to be a good character though, he is really, for me, a character in which I can relate to unlike The marvel or image ones, like a previous post before me said, he's human, he does all for his survival but in the end loses something as a result, its almost life in a nutshell. I mean he finds things in life or gains something, but as a result loses something as well. This shows his mortality. I have recently started ordering graphic novels from my local comic shop so I could catch up, I forgot which one it was, but I do remember it was release in march of 05' if that helps. :lol: "Ha Bloody Ha" as john said in #215. I am glad I found this forum because I hope it can fill me in quickly on what I feel is a great comic book series, despite the fact I have only so far seen the movie and read one issue.
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