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  1. Oh yeah. He'll come over, say some mumbo jumbo, teach them how to catch rabbits & use the money he's earned on a nice bottle of vino & a couple hot "joy maidens".
  2. So I temporaraly forgot all I knew and went to see this thing. My god, what a headache it was. Too much love with the CGI. It also covered up how paint by numbers the plot was. Things given importance was background in the second reel. I want Frank Capello to give me my money back & to issue a full page apology to DC Comics, Alan Moore & the public for wasting time & money for a halfassed effort.
  3. It's just there for computer tricks. It gets quiet a bit just to develop a cheap scare at the end of the sequence.
  4. Bah. It's just a techie mastabatory scene with a "final attempt" bit thrown in.
  5. Errr....I believe it is placement that ruins both the movie & the Industrial track they are using. btw, Kack Metal = Nu Metal here. Yes, we use Nu like a slap in the face.
  6. Soooo....does this mean Dimmu Borgir gets the part?
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