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  1. Speaking of Eva Green playing Talia check out this silly lil old fantrailer I made for TDKR.
  2. I personally would like to see Rachel Weisz play Catwoman, and Eva Green play Talia, because come on let's face it those are the two female leads, but Eva doesn't seem to be on Nolan's radar. In that case out of the choices we have heard about, my second choice for Talia is Anne Hathaway.
  3. Preacher could be done as a trilogy of films with the following structure; Gone to Texas, Till the end of the World, and Proud Americans being one film, Dixie Fried and War in the Sun being the second film, and finally Salavation, All Hell's A-coming, and Alamo being the third and final film. You sprinkle a little bit of stuff from One Man's War and Saint of Killers story into the second film, and you have a kick ass film trilogy that will never get made.
  4. LOL it's like a Beevis and Butthead zombie hoard. Clown zombie, AHHHHHHHH!!!
  5. What's up homes? It's good to be back. I have had some, as Hunter would have put it, bad crazyness going on lately. But it's starting to improve and I'm back. Anyhoo back to the Bat-Lecture at hand.
  6. Frank Derabond strikes again. I love this show. It is definitely worming it's way into my little black heart, and I can't miss an episode. Simply awesome. Oh and James, yes it would be nice to see a racist who isn't a stereotypical redneck, and it would also be nice to see the opposite. I mean doesn't Michael Richards need work?
  7. How about, Batman and the Electric Bat-Bonanza? Or did Schumaker already fuck that up?
  8. Alright I said let the convo get crazy not non-sequiter.
  9. Some very interesting responses and I can understand where you're coming from Mark for the most part even though sometimes I don't totally agree with it. I do like some adaptations that stick straight to the source material, but that's because I'm a film guy and I do want to see what these stories that I love would look like in movin pitchers. I don't necessarily want some of these stories to try anything new with the film version, and if they do I want those new things to fit into and stick to the general overall theme of the original source material, i.e. , and Dark Knight and Begins, the Thomas Jane Punisher, or Iron Man. What I don't want is for the source material to get completely lost in the film, as in the only things the film and original source material have in common are their titles, i.e. Joel Schumacher Batmans, The Lawnmower Man film, Constantine, the Dolph Lundgren Punisher, or Superman III which is basically a Richard Prior movie with fucking Superman in it. There are also sometimes film versions of written source material whether comic or text book that are not similar except in their basic story elements and I still love both equally i.e. Kubrick's The Shining and King's The Shining, the film version of The Crow and the comic, and God and Alan Moore forgive me The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, yeah Sean Connery Alan Quatermain got me. So that's where I'm coming from, now let the discussion get crazy up in this mother fucker. Oh and The Big Bang Theory is a CBS TV series here in the States that is about four physicists and their misadventures in life. The guy in my avatar is the smartest and most neurotic of the four his name is Sheldon and he is from Texas yay!!! I love this show and soon so will all of you blah ha ha ha ha ha!!! Oh ahem excuse me.
  10. Are you as angry as you sound, Finn? So much more than you can possibly imagine my friend. I can't help it. There are so many things that drive me banana sandwhich in this world and I just get worked the hell up. I would imagine that's why me and my girl had to go through our seperation. I feel sometimes like I'm turning into Rorschach in my old age, sans the right wing politics. Such is my life.
  11. So after looking at some of the commentary from the Watchmen thread about the film, and remembering some of the commentary about TDK, it's left me wondering exactly what the hell does everybody want out of a film adaptation of you favorite comics. I suspect that answer is going to be for Hollywood to just stay the hell out of comic book films, and I can't wait to be proven right. So what do ya'll want?
  12. I actually thought it was a good adaptation when it came to the scenes and moments that Snyder took directly from the book, and as far as the parts that were changed for the studios purposes, I thought Snyder managed to create an ending that still held on to the original intent of the books ending. I thought it was the best adaptation of Alan Moores work to date. Oh well I liked it. I didn't love it, but I liked it. I can't wait for the special edition DVD.
  13. I have no faith in Hollywood. Fuck it.
  14. Boy do I know how to kill a thread or what? LET THE PARTY END!!!
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