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  1. This is the problem with creating a fictionalized universe where you really DO need "preemptive justice" to save the world. It creates a false moral conundrum. Also, this is especially prominent in superhero comics, where the villains very rarely are motivated by anything which motivates real world villains, but rather want "world domination" or just plain like to make people suffer, or are crazy. In the real world most villainy has a political source, and thus a political solution, in a superhero world that isn't necessarily the case. +1
  2. Do they not make a Black Widow figurine?
  3. Yes, 'yay,' for a given value of yay. I also have an office, which I only have to share with two other people! It's a windowless cell in the basement, granted, but an office nonetheless.
  4. I'm all for multiple understandings of a text! It's one of the things I'm trying to beat into my students this semester, but I don't know if they're getting it yet.
  5. Yes, yes, and yes. The internet sure does... and so do I kind of.
  6. I, personally, just don't have any other major complaints--it was a lovely film and I very much enjoyed it. The film I wish it had been, however (and Rogan, it seems you agree), would have directly dealt with the relationship that mutant minority status bears to race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. We get a hint of that when Angel says that being stared at by the FBI goons is worse than being stared at in a strip club--she'd rather have her sexuality exploited than her mutant status. That's really interesting to me, and I just wish there'd been more of it. However, the fact that my main problem was "I wish the film had transcended its minor amount of racial insensitivity and instead contained a thoughtful treatment of minority politics in our modern age" is a pretty high compliment, I think. And for me, what's upsetting about the "black dude dies first" trope is that the black character frequently dies for the narrative reason of providing motivation to a white character, and before he's had a chance to affect the plot in any other way. It's not just that he dies--it's that he doesn't get to do much else.
  7. That's what I thought--especially since there are so many Malcolm X/MLK Jr.-type parallels drawn between Erik and Charles. It feels a bit cheap for a film about white people to so heavily metaphorize the experiences of people of color and other minorities while also not allowing them any narrative space.
  8. I saw it and loved it (and so did my girlfriend, an X-Men geek)--with the caveats that Mark and Balthy have already pointed out. I was really surprised at that scene, actually--though I shouldn't have been, in a mainstream movie--because I saw an unexpected amount of subtlety in how they handled Charles's and Erik's opposing resistance tactics. It seemed at that point to be a film that was very aware of race, ethnicity, and prejudice, and then it dropped that racial trope that just won't die, Mmm, thanks, we really need to see that again. More spoilery thoughts:
  9. Leapfrogging the misogyny... He's English born but grew up in Canada, so the accent's wrong, but--Callum Keith Rennie?
  10. I appreciate your grumpiness very much, Ade. No offense meant.
  11. I've always thought this privately--I love them both.
  12. I am so late to this party, but I just wanted to point out that I quit reading around 259 so obviously Milligan's run has not been doing it for me. When they switch writers I'll pick up an issue and see if I want to jump back in, but I was just so turned off by all the bullshit with Phoebe and the general scattershot feeling that it wasn't worth the three-whatever a month anymore. I'm sure his other shit is good. I may also have a decreased attention span these days (compared to when I started reading the title) for macho bluster and boozy angst. :( :( :( Anybody ever tell you you're a grumpy sumbitch?
  13. I just read the archives of that. I love how the visual style works with the juvenile gags. It was a Mighty Boosh kind of thing where I kept reading, going "I don't think this is funny, but I need to make sure it's not funny by reading the whole thing" and then it started cracking me up.
  14. http://msmagazine.com/blog/blog/2010/06/07/feminist-hulk-smash-exclusive-interview-with-ms/
  15. Favorite multi-story arcs: Last Man Standing Freezes Over Staring at the Wall Favorite single stories: 120 Desperately Seeking Something 181 Game of Cat and Mouse ....? I am going to have to come back to this one and fill it in later, because there just aren't any single issues that are standing out to me as much as those two. The only one I can currently think of, actually, is 168 A Fresh Coat of Red Paint, but very much not because it's good. Favorite spinoff: All His Engines
  16. ...same as sethos, actually, I promise I didn't look before I decided. First list: Sean Phillips Second list: Jock Favorite Constantine: Sean Phillips
  18. This is about the comic, but it fits anyway: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/04/16/kick-ass-in-60-seconds/
  19. You know, if this is as close to historical criticism even someone like you with academic background in archaeology can come up with of the artwork, I'd say Jock's done one fuck of a good job... Oh, the artwork's brilliant! It echoes some themes in Mesopotamian art I've seen, but in an updated comic-appropriate way. And Jock is just always great. However--and I'm waiting to do this until I've got my copy in my hand, unfortunately it's at my apartment where I am not currently--I will have some Things To Say about the Inanna/Ishtar character (can't remember if she was actually named that, but definitely meant to represent her) who was in real life very decidedly the goddess of love AND WAR. She gets misinterpreted a lot in popular culture, though, so no hard feelings--I just have to stick my head in and defend her.
  20. You know, this is just an idle connection, but the "poker chips" that John lifts from the British Museum and uses at the end are probably based on stamp seals like this one: http://www.britishmuseum.org/explore/highlights/highlight_objects/me/c/carnelian_stamp_seal.aspx We've got a ton at the archaeology museum where I used to work--often they're carved with pictures of animals, plants, or shaman figures, and they probably had some kind of magical use, although we're not entirely sure why they were first made. However (and I don't have access to my copy right now) as I recall the drawings in Pandemonium looked a lot more like the (modern-day) clay impressions of the seals. Weren't they colored tan? This really frustrated me as I was reading, but I'm sure I'm the only one. Oh, also, the book was some seriously badass shit. I agree with Mark. Right up there with All His Engines.
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