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  1. Detective Comics #879 Yet another solid issue from Snyder & Francavilla (I still can't believe I've heard multiple Batman fans slag off his art, it is excellent). The Jim Gordon Jr. story picks up, no doubt rushing to its conclusion before the impending REBOOT OF EVERYTHING THAT WILL FOREVER CHANGE EVERYTHING UNTIL IT NO LONGER DOES. A- Mystery Men #3 Still fun with good writing and art. If you liked any of Marvel's Noir books or The Twelve or old-timey superhero fun and intrigue, check this LS out. B+ FF #6 An entire issue setting up the next issue in which we learn just how Black Bolt has come back to life, featuring less-than-good art. Total filler issue. C- Lil' Depressed Boy #5 Really fun series that hits all the expected notes-- this may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your tastes. The current mood of the character is so perfectly captured throughout the issue and I like where the story is heading. A-
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBGOQ7SsJrw
  3. YES to the Sean Phillips love and YES to the Far East-- specifically Tokyo, Japan. There is so much potential for well, anything, but I'm thinking of a story that's fairly humorous (maybe even a send-up of manga) and which mines the rich occult mythologies the nation has in a ConJob way.
  4. One thing to consider in the whole Darwin debate is the fact that he may have actually survived-- he's become a being of pure energy before (in the comics) in order to survive, eventually growing a new physical form. And maybe that's why he sacrificed himself: because he knew he would ultimately survive it.
  5. Trace

    Big books of comics

    The last page of The Outfit says that "Parker will return in 2012."
  6. Notice he didn't say which month.
  7. Trace

    Hellblazer Q&A

    Is there a general thread for news articles, press releases, interviews and the like? For the time being, I'll put this Mindless Ones article here: Talking bollocks – Garth Ennis’ John Constantine (part 1) http://mindlessones.com/2011/06/20/talking-bollocks-garth-ennis-john-constantine-part-1/
  8. Totally understandable, as it is my chief criticism of Nolan's Bat films and one of several issues I have with Inception.
  9. Lou, if you ever feel a little lost or like you're missing out on something with all of Mozza's metatextual writing, I heartily recommend the following sites for annotations and reviews (spoilers abound for the issues they cover; direct links to specific pages can be backtracked to the main site for more relevant articles): Symbolism in Morrison's Batman: http://forums.comicbookresources.com/showthread.php?t=306316 4th Letter's take on Batman and The Club of Heroes: http://www.4thletter.net/2007/11/batman-is-bruce-wayne-many-troubles-in-your-brain/ Online scans of Pete Milligan's Dark Knight, Dark City which is relevant to RoBW: http://scans-daily.dreamwidth.org/2202005.html The annotations page for Comics Alliance, which regularly feature Dave Uzumeri, arguably the best comics annotator consistently annotating: http://www.comicsalliance.com/category/annotations/ Funnybook Babylon, where Dave Uzumeri posted his annotations before moving over to CA: http://funnybookbabylon.com/category/reviews/annotations-reviews/ Rikdad's Comic Thoughts, plenty of reviews and interpretations: http://rikdad.blogspot.com/ RetroWarBird, a dude with a really unique perspective most of the time: http://retrowarbird.blogspot.com/ This guy started out well but then apparently gave up: http://morrisonbatman.blogspot.com/ Mindless Ones. Like CA, they have several strong writers on staff and often do annotations: http://mindlessones.com/ Barbelith Underground, should be familiar to any Grant Morrison fan: http://www.barbelith.com/forum/10 For the lazy, you could just stick with Dave Uzumeri's annotations (he does pretty much every Batman-related issue Morrison wrote) at Funnybook Babylon and later, Comics Alliance. Enjoy!
  10. Saw it today, twas quite good. Matthew Vaughn is a solid filmmaker, I like all 4 four films he's directed. Great casting except for January Jones as Emma Frost-- the poor girl really can't act beyond Betty Draper, can she? The were several strong scenes in the film, plenty of clever action, and mutants actually killing people. Unfortunately, there are almost too many scenes and I found the love I had for the first 45 minutes quickly waning; I imagine this film will make for excellent home viewing, perfectly structured as it is for two sittings. B+
  11. I, wha-- wait, whaaaaat?Probably the best rendition of the Joker outside of Bruce Timm/Mark Hamill and an excellent movie to boot, and you barely liked it?!? If there are better superhero movies than Nolan's Batman flicks, I haven't seen them. Hell, they might even be the best comic book films ever made...
  12. Trace

    Hellblazer 280

    Totally agree. Whenever we get a guest artist for an issue or two then return to Camuncoli, I find I appreciate Camuncoli's art a lot more (which isn't to say that I dislike him or any of the fill-in artists, simply that Camuncoli works better for me when he's merely the lead singer but not the entire band).
  13. Just finished the 2 adaptations of the first 2 Hedge Knight novellas from the ASoIaF universe-- they're both really solid. Faithful adaptations, very good art, decent pacing and action. If you plan on reading the novellas though, start there and then read the comics. Boys #55 This issue concludes the backstory of Butcher and The Boys, and serves as a sort of break before the beginning of the end. Still one of the best comics being put out there. Invincible #80 Not sure why I still read this book...
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