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  1. An overall great timeline and synopsis -- kudos! Just a couple notes for clarification.... Any mentions to "Frankenstein battles Melmoth. Seemingly to the death (Frankenstein #1)." after 1870 AD are not actual battles in those times. The series of panels on that page are meant to show the growth of Uglyhead's town in contrast with the crash of the train in 1870, not a literal continuing battle through the decades. What's even more confusing is that one of the panels is mislabeled -- "1955" should be on the bottom left panel, not the top right with the train falling. I'm surprised they didn't fix this in the TP compilation. And in keeping with the main topic of this forum, "John Constantine leads a team of seven at Baron Winter’s house in a séance to aid Swamp Thing, The Spectre, Dead Man, The Phantom Stranger, and the Demon with their ultimate battle against an evil in Hell(Swamp Thing #50)" should be set in the 1990's, not 1980's as you attribute it. Even though the story was published in the mid 80's as part of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, this is in keeping with the condensing of time that happens in DC continuity. Otherwise CoIE would've taken place over 20 years ago, when it's basic canon that Superman only debuted 12-15 "years ago" (depending on who you ask) and CoIE obviously happened after that. I know JC generally operates outside of canon, but this is a biggee that he should maintain. Speaking of JC, that entry ends with "John Constantine is successful and his C.V is updated." Forgive a newbie question, but what is "his C.V"?
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