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  1. I thought Phoebe died several issues back?
  2. as a pogues and punk rock fan, I like it, i can sort of relate to that stuff and not random other musical refrences, not saying there are just I think they are cool. but it is annoying to realize they don't seem to go beyond Ennis run. However Aaron's two parter, had punk bans all on the abandonded building, stiff little fingers, pistols, damned and a bunch of others.
  3. To a degree, anyway, yes. To be honest my memories are a bit fuzzy but it was proper old-school Vertigo stuff, the first 50 or so issues are well worth a read but it went off the rails something rotten after that. Seems interesting certainly and I'll try to pick it up when I can, the comic shops at school just plain suck.
  4. I don't know, about Pogues references (sally mclanane: jimmy played harmonica in the pub where I was born....). Trav
  5. so is it philosophical bent? I mean at times sandman was rather deep and heavy in ways, that since im at a church group, can not pinpoint.
  6. Not being familiar with shade, I have no basis for comparison regarding this current story arc. However I liked it overall, I mean I don't think its the best, but I have enjoyed the arc, but not sure about the whole Epiphany thing. Trav
  7. but I like the pub where I was born, and confessions of an irish rebel.
  8. Who is this Flynn character who Constantine meets at the end of the Fear Machine? I'm confused, seems to be a literary something or other: the Admiral Benbow, Holmes etc. But whats the point?
  9. I'm slightly confused as to the refrences about Greek mythology? I thought the story was really cool and thought the comment about bloody Everton was funnier considering Liverpool just lost to Chelsea :( Though the cover has his wearing what looks like a suit under his trench coat- so could he still end up cleaning himself up? On the other hand I want to take that cover and stick it on my wall.
  10. Anyone have any good links to pics that would make good desktop backgrounds and be work-safe? I know the section of this site has the covers, but sometimes they don't come out well as the background. On that note: is there a way in XP(or and this might be reaching: Linux) to get the background picture to automatically change a la modern Mac's? Edit: looking at the gallery maybe something along the lines of issue 142 where Constantine has that red looking tie...or soemthign similar anyway. Covers or Pages/panels would work too.
  11. I'm confused is any of this on the vertigo website? I just poked around there and couldn't seem to make sense of it. On the vertigo message boards there was a question of sales, out of curiosity does anyone know what the sales of the book are- and whats this about hiatus? Sorry I'm a bit lost. Trav
  12. I am excited that this is my first issue of present day change: the others I just read as I picked up trade and was before I started reading the comic. I have to say that the art seemed nice but sort of hurt the eyes but it wasn't as bad as I thought reading on here that it was gonna be some version of pop art or something. At the end, does that mean she'd had an abortion? It would seem that from the page before that she'd hadn't quite said everything...or am I reading too much into this? My gov't class we are covering roe vs wade so maybe I need a break from school? Virginiatiger
  13. Cop...well Anfield has a stand called the kop could it be a nod to that? or something else?
  14. erm so what happened to him looking all nicely dressed? Is that all forgotten so quick?
  15. what Monty python dudes? I missed that what page? Trav
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