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  1. dogpoet

    A Hellblazer miscellany

    Getting back to art, I was astonished to find a drawing of John boy by the great RK Post on Deviant Art:
  2. dogpoet

    A Hellblazer miscellany

    I think in that one Diggle was more concerned with filling in her backstory to explain a one liner when she's hallucinating in an issue of the Sandman than tying her into Hellblazer? Given that the Georgian era Swamp Thing Gaiman also (I think) introduced is also a biggish part of the story, he might even have been trying to keep the Sandman stuff and the Hellblazer stuff separate. Oh and Lou? I should have said when I posted that, but the spoiler thing is still just typing "spoiler" in square brackets.
  3. dogpoet

    A Hellblazer miscellany

  4. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of August 13th 2018

    Is the John Byrne forum still going, Christian?
  5. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of August 13th 2018

    Just the Wildstorm.
  6. dogpoet

    Marvel's One World Order

    They try to push names they can get on exclusive contracts even if the names aren't any good. It's not a healthy situation, but they'll keep it up until it stops working. I'd suspect Marvel are making a lot more from cross marketing their intellectual property than they are from publishing comics at the moment anyway, and just see those as a marketing tool for the films.
  7. dogpoet

    Marvel's One World Order

    If they look for talent who can do something interesting with the comic, then they're removing any incentive writers who've shown them loyalty (like Slott) might have to continue showing them loyalty: if the desirable jobs are given to creators who are talented rather than loyal, those creators will feel that their loyalty was wasted on Marvel and they'll piss off to write something shit at DC instead. When the only asset besides farming out its intellectual property Marvel has is loyal big name creators, they're not going to offer anything to anybody else until all of their big names have already turned it down, are they?
  8. dogpoet

    Marvel's One World Order

    If you spread any writer thin enough, they'll wind up writing crap, sadly. Even worse, once they've diluted their talent to death, they often won't bother trying to correct the problem if people are still lapping up the nonsense they're churning out to meet a half dozen odd deadlines a month as they did the stuff that an effort had been made with. Under those circumstances, it's understandable that a writer might decide to go for the better paying option if they have to choose between writing a couple of good comics or churning out as much shite as they can to meet manufactured demand.
  9. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of August 6th 2018

    There might be a coffee table book at some point, rather than them being stuck in a collection of the series the comic offers samples of as backmatter, now you mention that...
  10. dogpoet

    Other comics we read recently

    The first issue of LOEG: Tempest was a lot more fun than any of them I've read recently. More story than namedropping, some very clever and entertaining use of daft 'Fifties and 'Sixties pop culture tat and what looks like the start of a serious attempt to sort out and tie up all the loose ends that have been left splayed all over the place since The Black Dossier, never mind Century and those interminable Nemo comics. It looks like this one is going to finish on a high note if Moore and O'Neill can keep this up.
  11. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of August 6th 2018

    Very true. I suppose less people buy the variant covers these days so they do a lot more of them in the hope to make the same amount of money from fewer collectors.
  12. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of August 6th 2018

    Is the Bloom County book a collection of the strips since that was relaunched? It'll be interesting to see if that works as well now as it during the eighties and early nineties, if so. Apart from that, the Sandman thing, though I won't be buying all the covers. (Am I the only one who finds that funny, given the way Sandfans used to contrast the Image first issue multiple cover frenzies with the "it comes in just the one cover to stress that the contents are the important bit" approach their own favoured comic took back in the day?)
  13. dogpoet

    Other comics we read recently

    Willingham's Dreaming abominations took place after Kiernan was in place as the series' regular writer. The breathtakingly shitawful #55, and I think that stupid Merv Pumpkinhead special was a Dreaming Special rather than a Sandman Presents thing as well.
  14. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of July 30th 2018

    Just Mister Miracle.
  15. dogpoet

    Other comics we read recently

    I'll take Kiernan's haute gothery over the couple of turds Bill Willingham squeezed out as a dry run for Fables any day, frankly.