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  1. What Would You Put in a 30th Anniversary Collection?

    The hardcore Gaimanoids have already bought that story three or four times, Christian. I doubt even they'll pony up for a Hellblazer collection just for that.
  2. What Would You Put in a 30th Anniversary Collection?

    Why would dropping the Gaiman be a serious omission? It isn't like it's not collected elsewhere, or that anybody's going to buy a collection to get hold of it yet again (or that the collection you're proposing is ever even going to exist, come to that), so why not just dump it in favour of one of your real favourites?
  3. Comics Shipping the Week of June 18th 2018

    Just Wildstorm.
  4. You really should: it's pretty much Preacher with the limp dick jokes switched for slapstick and no hope of a happy ending for the protagonist at all.
  5. I find it hard to avoid feeling that the Boys emphasises the crappy stuff over Garf's strong points as a writer, myself, while Preacher, taken as a whole, didn't.
  6. Comics Shipping the Week of June 11th 2018

    Just Mister Miracle out of that lot.
  7. What Would You Put in a 30th Anniversary Collection?

    Those should be worth reading. Maybe a nice substantial non fiction book would be the way to go on this? Essays on the various writers, historical notes, a timeline so you can connect the stories to the irl stuff those of them with a satirical element are referencing, a few interviews, if possible. There's certainly plenty enough material there for a decent sized non fiction book, either in a gosh-wow toilet read style, or the sort of full blown pseudo-academia pomo litcrit style that gets applied to non fiction about Grant Morrison, Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman's comics. The two styles could even be alternated depending on what's being written about...
  8. 1990s Gimmick Covers

    I'm surprised the '90s Spectre isn't mentioned there: there were a couple of glow in the dark covers on that one.
  9. What Would You Put in a 30th Anniversary Collection?

    Maybe they could just find a colourist to finish the art and stick out that Peter Hogan Marquee Moon thing instead of a hardback? I'd forgotten about that one...
  10. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    It's no longer an upcoming issue, it's the current one. Lynch is in it as well.
  11. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    That's true. Did either name own any of the intellectual property or could they have been replaced, though?
  12. Comics Shipping the Week of June 4th 2018

    Nothing for me this week, though the Abnett and Lanning Legion collections might be worth a look at some point: I'm told those were pretty good.
  13. What Would You Put in a 30th Anniversary Collection?

    I'd take Freezes Over for Azzarrello: that isn't even negotiable. Hard Time was a pretty great story, but just the first part? Meh. Freezes Over is short enough they could fit the whole story in a collection. I'd definitely want Eddie Campbell's story in there as well. Another Part of Hell for Delano. maybe The Rake At The Gates Of Hell for Ennis, or maybe The End Of The Line if they only had space for a single issue story (okay, no Mange, but the story does give a good display of John's character and for once in an Ennis story he doesn't come across as having a frame of reference that's twenty years too young for a man of his age). The Game Of Cat And Mouse is the obvious choice for Carey, but maybe High On Life or the thing on Gruinard instead? John Smith's fill in is a given. As they're having the Swamp Thing story, include the Shade three parter rather than any of Milligan's run on Hellblazer. One of Ellis' single issue stories rather than Haunted. (Apart from Shoot they're all rather good.) Have the short from the first Winter's Edge anthology for Paul Jenkins and maybe bring in China Meiville and Garth Ennis' anthology shorts as well: has any of that stuff appeared in any collections apart from Ennis' short from the first Vertigo teaser anthology? All that said: I like Ade's idea of a sort of cut and paste mash up a lot, and wouldn't it be nice if DC pulled their fingers out and commissioned a new Hellblazer story or two, rather than just going reprint?
  14. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Very true. It'd be nice if he was still writing some of the comics he couldn't be arsed to finish, though...
  15. Other comics we read recently

    I went through the first two "Ultimate" TMNT hardbacks from IDW last night. (I think these were the complete reprint before the current one: big, European size hardbacks on nice thick paper that really shows off the artwork nicely.) I'm surprised how well they read thirty odd years on. A quick read, but a very fun, and surprisingly substantial one.