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  1. dogpoet

    Carlos Ezquerra

    Don't know about you, but it was reading and enjoying that one in 2000AD that set me off reading Harrison in the first place, which is something else I owe the late Carlos Ezquerra for. Maybe they'll bring that one back into print now? There was a collection a few years back but it went in and out of print so fast that I blinked and missed it, and it seems to be going for quite a bit second hand. They could finish collecting Major Eazy (who he'd also used James Coburn as a physical reference for) as well... As for the founding Dredd artist thing, Ezquerra designed the character, and drew the first strip, but I think the first Dredd story to see print (Meet Judge Whitey) was drawn by Mike McMahon, back when he was most noted as an artist who did a fine pastiche of Ezquerra's style, and hadn't yet developed his own approach. It's been claimed that Ezquerra was very annoyed by this and went back to working at Battle for a while, which is why there's such a bizarre range of artists in the first of those chronological collections Rebellion are keeping in print. Doesn't seem an unreasonable attitude to me, frankly: when you'd done such a perfect job of designing a character, not getting to publish the first story because your co-creator's first couple of scripts were crap must have been one hell of a blow...
  2. dogpoet

    Other comics we read recently

    Thanks, Jason. Bit more deconstructionist a reading than I'd have expected for a political metaphor in a western comic. Haven't read the comic, but Rodinelli's intepretation of the wire as a web with the bad guy sitting at its centre like a spider and his gunsels spiritually if not physically spawning from it is nicely argued.
  3. dogpoet

    Dumping scene - Hellblazer

    You're welcome, I just wish I could have suggested something more useful. Good luck finding it.
  4. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of October 15th 2018

    I think that's Book 6, yeah. John Hickleton art and stuff I shouldn't spoiler.
  5. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of October 15th 2018

    How far into Nemesis are you?
  6. dogpoet

    Carlos Ezquerra

    I'd check myself, but I have the same issues laying hand on the issues to check, Lou. (ETA: I think he did the Jodie and TC one shot as well.)
  7. dogpoet

    Carlos Ezquerra

    I thought it was split? Pugh did the real world western bits and the framing narrative, and Esquerra did the scenes in Hell.
  8. dogpoet

    Carlos Ezquerra

    Got you. I do wonder if the old guy dying might lead to a few more of the war stories getting collected. I think there's one collection each of Major Eazy and Rat Pack and one of the whole of El Mestizo which (if I'm honest) wouldn't really be the Ezquerra strip I'd pick to immortalise in hardcover myself...
  9. dogpoet

    Carlos Ezquerra

    My bad, Lou: that one was Ennis doing 2000AD, not sending up Battle. Same sort of deal as with Just A Pilgrim. Those Rifle Brigade comics are still entertaining if you've not read the stories he's taking the piss out of then? He did the Saint of Killers mini for Preacher as well, didn't he? I think DC were more interested in pushing their own Dredd series that tied in with the (rather shoddy) Stallone film than they were in reprinting the stuff during the '90s. Never understood that one. Okay, at the time the Dredd strip in 2000AD was being run into the ground by that wanker Mark Millar because John Wagner had finally walked over the way he was getting stiffed on royalties, but they could have ignored that drivel and reprinted the older stories instead.
  10. dogpoet

    Carlos Ezquerra

    Wasn't he just? I think he did a lot of work for Battle in the the late '70s because they raised his page rate to stop him going off to 2000AD. Lou, those Rifle Brigade comics he did with Ennis are send ups of the stuff John's on about.
  11. dogpoet

    Dumping scene - Hellblazer

    I shouldn't joke like that, but I'm completely stumped on this. The scenes with him walking out on somebody that spring to mind were all women he was involved with, rather than him deciding not to take stuff further after getting lucky on a date. I know he does that with Dani in Jenkins' run and Zed in Delano's. Was there something in Milligan between him getting Phoebe killed and mooning about over ShellyEpiphany? The only other thing I can think of that might fit is the wiccan/female healer archetype he meets after getting thrown out of Ravenscar in the framing story in the Delano annual, and I think that was portrayed as a no strings one off rather than a first date. Are you sure that this was something from Hellblazer rather than one of the post cancellation reboot series?
  12. dogpoet

    Dumping scene - Hellblazer

    You're sure it was a girl? The dog in that Azzarrello story might have been expecting a call as well... 😉
  13. dogpoet

    Dumping scene - Hellblazer

    It wasn't a date, but is this the thing from the start of The Fear Machine with him sneaking out of the hotel before the member of staff he went to bed with the night before wakes up? There's a caption box along the lines of: "Nice girl, but there's no future in it, is there?"
  14. dogpoet

    Flashpoint/New 52 and Beyond

    I honestly have no idea if you've missed anything there or not. Wasn't there a listing of appearances on the Hellblazer Wiki?
  15. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of October 8th 2018

    Nothing much takes my fancy there. The first issue of Hey Kids, Comics was so fragmented as a narrative it put me off reading any more of it, and I'm saying that as somebody who enjoyed the Black Kiss sequel...