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  1. Marvel's One World Order

    I thought Xavier's war memories were Korea, rather than WW2? His step brother's certainly are, iirc. I don't see how their first meeting In Israel in the late '50s (unless that's been retconned away now) suggests that they're of a similar age, either.
  2. Marvel's One World Order

    Good point: it didn't mess up Johnny Blaze's dress sense (such as it was) either, come to that.
  3. Marvel's One World Order

    I'm talking about Castle bonding with Zarathros as a what if, rather than assuming that somebody who spends all day every day shooting criminals might have had a nervous breakdown and imagined a deal with the devil rather than anything of the sort happening, Christian. In the Marvel universe, deals with the devil tend to be a bit showier, and affect your dress sense some, dig?
  4. Marvel's One World Order

    Fair enough. In a setting with the likes of Satanna and Hellstorm in it, though, I prefer to think that was all internal, though.
  5. Marvel's One World Order

    Both would work. Hell, he's not a stupid man and would probably want some sort of supernatural assistance rather than trying to deal with supervillains and superheroes by shooting at them. (I think the end of Born was supposed to be a nervous breakdown rather than anything that happened outside of his head, though.)
  6. DC Comics

    Did they put those out at the same time as the collection of Kirby's original series, or have they been available for a while?
  7. Cerebus

  8. Cerebus

    And you don't have Ellis' fixation with goth girls...
  9. Cerebus

    Maybe if they got some goth girl to tie him to a chair and threaten with erotic torture if he manages to get so many pages a day scripted Ellis could produce an opus of that size?
  10. Marvel's One World Order

    So long as you're still buying X Men retroGrand Design, they don't have to learn, do they?
  11. Are you a Milligan or a Milligant?

    Doesn't the fact that DC refused to print Shoot leave it lacking as a comparison on that level though? Maybe Denise Mina's terrorist story with Map sulking for a whole issue and little else happening or Dick Foreman's (fuckawful) "New Tricks" would work better for this (although I'd argue that Ashes and Dust, shite as it was, is probably better than either)...
  12. Earth X

    No, ice is exactly the same as water, it's just colder.
  13. Earth X

    I think the watery one in the elemental war in Firestorm was Naiad? Ostrander and Mandrake pretty much invented the character just for that, as they thought using Killer Frost would have been too obvious. No idea if she's been seen since...
  14. Are you a Milligan or a Milligant?

    "I really hated having AIDS, but at least it wasn't as bad as the dose of leprosy I had a few years beforehand..." (Just the best bits fished out of Milligan's run would have made a pretty decent eighteen month run, true enough, but sadly there was a lot more of the other stuff...)
  15. Marvel's One World Order

    Maybe they'll do the next relaunch as X-Men Ruby, X-Men Sapphire and X-Men Emerald?