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  1. dogpoet

    Hellblazer Art

    People are still using tumblr now that they've banned all the porn blogs? 😉
  2. dogpoet

    Image Comics

    Jason: might it just be simpler to just look for a torrent of the collection? If you've already bought the floppies, it's probably not that big a theft if you don't want to pay for the hardback for 18 pages of notes. (Of course, the notes could well be the sort of added extra that's there to encourage people who already the miniseries to buy it again as a hardback: they're a lot more interesting than the couple of pages of script and a few character designs and alternative covers you usually get as backmatter. Maybe that's why they're not online anywhere already?)
  3. dogpoet

    Image Comics

    The backmatter's definitely work a look. Apart from anything else, it explains the connection between Nameless and the veiled lady, and makes clear that there's more going on in the story than just kabbalism. Jung is relevant as well. Maritimus this is possibly a misreading rather than a spoiler
  4. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of December 3rd 2018

    Is the legendarily unpublished Grant Morrison Kid Miracleman strip that didn't appear in Warrior in there as well?
  5. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of December 3rd 2018

    Just Green Lantern. The women in gaming book might be interesting, but £25 seems a bit steep just to see if they've included Jamie (nee Jay) Fenton or are taking a genetic line to which games designers qualify as women...
  6. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 26th 2018

    Got you. Maybe Titan will do a better job of keeping these in print than they did with the previous, slimmer collections they were publishing a few years back?
  7. dogpoet

    Other comics we read recently

    Yep. You do wonder why Ted Pierce never went into comics, really. He'd have done a classic Batman run, at the very least... [ETA: I tell a lie - Duck Amuck was written by Michael Maltese, not Ted Pierce.]
  8. dogpoet

    Other comics we read recently

    I always liked the ones where Daffy Duck gets into a shouting match with the animator and is redrawn as something odder to spite him. Breaking the fourth wall or what?
  9. dogpoet

    Other comics we read recently

    And not as good as that "I can see you" page in Animal Man back in '88?
  10. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 26th 2018

    I thought you already the Dan Dares in a previous reprint edition?
  11. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 26th 2018

    😄 Fair enough.
  12. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 26th 2018

    My bad: I thought it was Anglo, but didn't have anything to hand to check and thought John had checked it and I was mistaken when he added an E as he's reading the Anglo adulterated Moore at the moment.
  13. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 26th 2018

    If you're buying it for Moore (and I'd be astonished if anybody wasn't) then the presence of the Angelo stuff is an imposition, even if it was better than Moore's stuff. The fact that they've just bought up and reprinted the old pages from Eclipse without editing any of them is pretty obvious, and more than a little offensive. It's not like there's anything stopping them from removing that stuff first, after all. If they want to do a big expensive hardback, what's stopping them reprinting something in a bigger format using the original black and white pages from Warrior? has Dez Skinn fallen out with Marvel as well as Moore having a chip on his shoulder about them?
  14. dogpoet

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 26th 2018

    Is the ebook version laden down with a shitload of filler from the Mick Anglo comics as well, or did Marvel getting around to doing the job they should have done with the print versions for that?