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  1. Digby's definitely another point in that one's favour, no question. Just compare how Ennis writes him to the comic relief Yorkshire stereotype in a few of the other versions.
  2. Absolutely. I do sometimes wonder if Ennis might be better respected as a writer if he did more code approved stuff: the Dan Dare series was good for the same reasons as Hitman, after all. Concentrating on character stuff instead of nob jokes raises his game a lot, doesn't it? (The really nice bit of characterisation in that one, iirc is that Dare knows full well that he's a living legend and obviously isn't comfortable with that at all. It's a beautiful touch, and it makes perfect sense with how he writes the character.)
  3. Bit of that Hellblazer for me to, and the new GOG series by Al Ewing.
  4. Maybe Richard E Grant was busy?
  5. Nothing there appeals that much.
  6. If it wasn't January, I'd suspect this of being an April Fool's joke. Colin fucking Farrell as the Penguin?
  7. It's definitely nice that he's back to saving the exposition for caption boxes rather than constantly blathering out loud, yep.
  8. Nothing there for me. Happy new year, Lou.
  9. Of course, he's really William Gull, not Noel Fielding...
  10. Just gone through Barbara Slate's Yuppies From Hell trilogy. Bit less topical than the Delano, but probably a lot funnier.
  11. Look at it this way, John: Milligan insisted that the trenchcoat was magic even before he revealed that it was magic because it used to belong to Nick Necro. If that isn't a good enough reason to get him a donkey jacket or a leather or something, what is?
  12. Didn't Marvel tell Morrison to fuck off back to DC after they decided it was either Morrison or his former mini me around the turn of the millennium and felt that they'd rather work with Mark Millar instead? Has Morrison done anything at Marvel in the last twenty years?
  13. I'm not sure that's quite fair: no question that some of the War Stories comics are a lot weaker than others, but the best ones are about as good as he gets.
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