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  1. Vertigo - where's the ledge? Has anyone seen the ledge?

    Maybe once she's got some comics work on her resume with this, she can take a shot at that one?
  2. DC Comics

    Sounds great, but doesn't Sharp notoriously draw even slower than Jim Lee? Mind you, given how long this has been talked about and with the first issue appearing in November, they've probably made sure they have the first story arc sent off to the colourists before announcing anything...
  3. Vertigo - where's the ledge? Has anyone seen the ledge?

    I'm put off the Hopkinson by the voodoo thing, to be honest. It might work for Marvel and whoever owns Shadowman these days, but the last voodoo-y comic DC did was Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child, and not even the tip of the hat to Hendrix and Denys Cowan's art could save that one.
  4. Comics Shipping the Week of July 16th 2018

    That's why I used the term "synchronicity", which has nothing to do with Jung.
  5. Comics Shipping the Week of July 16th 2018

    Might those particular comics going astray have been a hint, Christian? I'd've thought synchronicity like that could be taken as a suggestion that you should stop encouraging Marvel by somebody with your taste for magic. Genesis "taking the" P Orridge, Anton Lavey, the Crowley guy, Grant Morrison, Kenneth Grant and pretty much every Taoist I've ever read all tend to take that line towards coincidences that might be significant, and I'm sure there's a load more who take that line who I'm not familiar with.
  6. Vertigo - where's the ledge? Has anyone seen the ledge?

    I'll give the Spurrier a go, as he's a good writer, and this looks a bit different to the original anthology Dreaming or the haute goth whingefest it turned into under Caitlin Kiernan, but nothing much else appeals.
  7. Comics Shipping the Week of July 16th 2018

    Just the Wild Storm.
  8. Marvel's One World Order

    More public burnings?
  9. Comics Shipping the Week of July 9th 2018

    Right, Christian, my bad: I thought those collections would be the tail end of Conway's run after Perez took over from Buscema, rather than later stuff.
  10. Comics Shipping the Week of July 9th 2018

    Those old Visionaries collections can go for a lot less than the Epics secondhand, Christian. Look at ebay and abebooks not the comics shop sites, Lou. It's not like Simonson gets any of the money from the collections, is it? (I need to get those Conway/Perez Visionary collections while we're on this...) I beg your pardon about the Charlie thing: brain fart. No idea what happened there.
  11. Comics Shipping the Week of July 9th 2018

    Very talented guy, and he's got a way with Kirby characters (his FF is nearly as good as his Thor), so this should be worth a look. Doesn't look like it had a very long run, though...
  12. Comics Shipping the Week of July 9th 2018

    +1. The Walt Simonson might be interesting as well. Has anybody here read his run on Orion?
  13. Image Comics

    Just gone through No 1 With A Bullet, which makes some well meant but fairly obvious points about social media and online bullying and fails to construct a very impressive thriller around them. It isn't bad (and at least manages to dodge the terrible gay-bashing cop out I thought it was building towards) but it isn't all that good either, which is a shame. Nice art, mind.
  14. DC Comics

    Actually, now I think about it more, the end was a rip off the original Buffy film rather than Harry Potter, as .
  15. DC Comics

    So am I, but if it's got Zatanna in it, it's more worth a look than slightly pompous Harry Potter rip off would normally be...
  16. DC Comics

    Just gone through that Mystik U thing. Pretty quick read, but rather fun, even if the contrivance to shoehorn Zatanna into teen angst story takes up most of the first issue and the whole thing seems to have been setting up a series that hasn't appeared as yet.
  17. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    I'm assuming the bunch of weirdoes who claimed to have created the Doctor(s) a few issues back and the guy Lucy Blaze runs into in the first issue are the Daemonites? Presumably they've been shown as hands off and vaguely benign in a disintereted way so far to make it easier for Ellis to paint the Kherubim as the bad guys, given that he's already made a point of cranking the bar up as high as he can for that one. You're dead right that he's timed dragging Lynch and his crew back in at the right time, though. Wartching Bendix scream and shout while the IO board of directors indulged themselves in bland offs was starting to get a bit tiresome...
  18. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Further The Wildstorm notes: We currently have the assumed-dead-but-obviously-not Jack Lynch tracking down the members of Project Thunderbook, who are blatantly the former Team 7 members so far. One of the Gen 13 (though the Genesis Factor hasn't even been mentioned yet and there are hints that the alien biological implants that were put into Thunderbook's victims are different and rather nastier than the '90s version: Slayton is convinced that his is sentient) has also been mentioned and set up. This might interest those who were hoping for reboots of the original Wildstorm titles. The squabble between IO and Skywatch is building up nicely as well, so it's very likely that we're going to see IO coming after Team 7 and the Gen 13 yet again in another issue or two.
  19. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    On a lighter note, I've just had a look at the sleeve notes to an alleged goth CD (Art, Science, Exploitation by Swarf) and was a bit surprised to Wozza named at the end of their thank you list. Now I know he has a thing for them goth girls, but should a hipster like Ellis really have been associating with a band who are supposed to be a Psychophile/Collide synthy goth band (a bunch of goths took on board Mick Mercer's suggestion that Soft Cell were just as gothy a band as Marc and The Mambas around the turn of the millennium and ran with it, some of them very convincingly) but sound more like Sunscreem if somebody had swapped that lot's E's for prescription tranquilisers? Are there other records that give Wozza a shout in the sleeve notes? This is the first one I've seen, which seems a bit weird when you think about how hard he's spent most of his career namedropping bands...
  20. Image Comics

    Fair enough.
  21. Image Comics

    Is this one Millarworld? It appears to missing swear offs, mutilation and NC18 splatter thus far.
  22. What Would You Put in a 30th Anniversary Collection?

    The hardcore Gaimanoids have already bought that story three or four times, Christian. I doubt even they'll pony up for a Hellblazer collection just for that.
  23. What Would You Put in a 30th Anniversary Collection?

    Why would dropping the Gaiman be a serious omission? It isn't like it's not collected elsewhere, or that anybody's going to buy a collection to get hold of it yet again (or that the collection you're proposing is ever even going to exist, come to that), so why not just dump it in favour of one of your real favourites?
  24. You really should: it's pretty much Preacher with the limp dick jokes switched for slapstick and no hope of a happy ending for the protagonist at all.
  25. I find it hard to avoid feeling that the Boys emphasises the crappy stuff over Garf's strong points as a writer, myself, while Preacher, taken as a whole, didn't.