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  1. Just Inferior Five out of that lot.
  2. dogpoet

    DC Comics

    Universe reboots always are, Lou.
  3. Nothing there catches my eye...
  4. That page with Chaz and the pig's head in GGAG's link to a review is probably enough to justify the whole thing by itself...
  5. dogpoet

    2000 AD

    Ian Kennedy art! Now that's a fine substitute for the late Colquohon and then some...
  6. dogpoet

    DC Comics

    The first issue of Inferior Five was a bit puzzling: did DC reboot their continuity so that the big Invasion crossover took place recently, or have the clade of Dominators who are up to no good in the midwestern one horse town where the story starts been hiding out there for over twenty years? That said, Giffen's obviously enjoying writing a sinister Icke-style conspiracy headed by said Dominator spies, and even if he's planning to take it into a grim and gritty direction there's some nice (and very turn of the '90s looking without being all Image-y) art as well. This is probably either going to be rather fun or absolutely godawful once it gets going and stuff starts to happen, rather than just being foreshadowed and talked about in an ominous fashion.
  7. Just Faithless, unless it's this month's Books of Magic that has the reintroducing Constantine crossover story.
  8. It could be something to do with them being the characters who first established the traditions for traditional superhero antics?
  9. Inferior Five might be worth a look, but nothing else catches my eye...
  10. It amused me a lot that when I realised what Fielding was referencing and I did a search for "Ghost of a Flea" on Google there were more links for the skit than for the painting...
  11. Am I the only one who can't see a pastiche of Blake's "Ghost Of A Flea" anymore without that Noel Fielding song running through my head?
  12. It's worth it for the caveman abuse, chaps.
  13. Just Green lantern out of that lot, though the Missile Command book looks interesting...
  14. I like that he's got the smug grin back, and I'm a bit annoyed it's taken a week or so for the penny to drop that's what's even better about this art than the lines on his phizz...
  15. He had the mullet in those as well, iirc.
  16. On a less superlative and mullet-y note, I went through the third Wolverine and the X Men collection last night, and shan't be bothering with any more of this. Aaron was probably ordered to get his third rate Claremont pastiche on for the big X-Event crossover story, but it looks even shoddier coming from a writer who's done eight really good issues before churning out shite like that to meet editorial demand, than it would from some mouthbreather who couldn't manage anything better if his life depended on doing so (mentioning no Chuck Austens). Bleah. When what's good about the series is that it started out not doing all of that tiresome shite, wasting five issues in a row on is the type of reversal that irks.
  17. Word. I always think there's something horribly depressing about these wargame sets you see where they're selling for an absurd price because the sheets of counters are uncut. Unless they're NOS retrieved from a warehouse unsold, it just means that somebody has completely missed the point of the things, doesn't it?
  18. I think he has a couple of the others getting on at him to sort his hair out a couple of times, doesn't he?
  19. It's a bit erratic, but the good stuff is great. I still prefer the Dick Grayson/Damien Wayne Batman and Robin series to most of his other stuff, though. Did you ever get around to reading Morrison's JLA, Lou? He emphasises Batman in a lot of that as well.
  20. Most of them are in a cardboard box at the bottom of a wardrobe. I've got a few very nice ones, but most of them aren't really display type things. In fact, the showiest and blingiest looking ones are cheap (literally cheap, not cheap compared to a Mont Blanc or an Aurora or something) Chinese things, and the most expensive ones are minimal looking things, which I use. (Lou's dead right that if I'm spending over the odds for a pen, I'm going to write with it: they're tools not investments.) To be honest, most of my collection is vintage mid-range models. You can often find a lot of pens like that on ebay, and as a rule they're more likely to be in working order when you get them. On the other hand, I do have a few things that I paid less for than I should have because they'll need restoring or repairing before they're much use as a pen, but most of them I thought they were in working order when I bought them.
  21. My bad folks: I should have included the link from twitter. The proposed pen may well turn out be vapourware (or even harmless banter involving hyperbole), but Mr Gaiman seems quite enthusiastic at the possibility. Lou: it'd be nice if I could afford to depreciate a Gaiman signature pen should this happen, but Auroras are a bit out of my spending league, sadly. You're dead right that I saw this mentioned on a website for fountain pen nerds, though. 😉
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