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  1. Comics Shipping the Week of March 19h 2018

    The JLA stuff is less mental, but a lot of foregrounds Batman.
  2. Comics Shipping the Week of March 19h 2018

    Did you get around to the Morrison JLA yourself, Lou? It's worth checking out if you liked the stuff he did with Batman later on.
  3. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    That's the problem with creator owned series: unlike the corporate whoring which pays his bills, nobody can come in and finish off a comic Ellis owns for him when he loses interest.
  4. Comics Shipping the Week of March 12th 2018

    It's probably a comic that's going to read a lot better once it's collected, true enough.
  5. Not a hoax

    Maybe that's deliberate, for comic effect? You know, the Superman logo/El family crest being rendered in an obviously different style to the rest of the illustration in order to heighten the fact that it doesn't chime with the rest of the drawing?
  6. Other comics we read recently

    A healthy attitude.
  7. Other comics we read recently

    Caliber Presents had some very good stuff in it as well. Does the US version of Deadline count?
  8. Comics Shipping the Week of March 12th 2018

    Just Mister Miracle.
  9. Marvel's One World Order

    Very true. I was forgetting that one. Obviously he could manage a two way split, but three a month was beyond even McGregor's powers of verbal overkill.
  10. Marvel's One World Order

    McGregor couldn't keep up the sheer volume of purple overwriting he needed to Killraven properly if he was doing other projects as well, apparently. He had to stop doing Hero For Hire when he realised it was one or the other and he couldn't do the same level of verbosity on both at once.
  11. Marvel's One World Order

    Mentioning no sweetly musky balls...
  12. Other comics we read recently

    Got you. That makes a lot more sense. I've just gone through the whole of Stars and STRIPE on another historical note. A fun read.
  13. Other comics we read recently

    I was quite surprised to see that they've sharecropped mata hari since she's a real person with a history that's fairly well documented. A simple bio comic is fair enough, but isn't this being talked about as an ongoing? It'll get quite dull after the French shoot her...
  14. DC Comics

    My bad: I didn't realise he was a saudi, and as such incapable of even thinking about terrorism. Apart from Mark Waid, are there any non-embarrassing runs on FF this century?
  15. DC Comics

    Arabian Knight is in the superhumans annex of Guatanamo Bay, Christian: his opinion about anything is doubtless inherently wrong. Was he really not dragged out again as a terrorist villain during the mid '80s when Libyans and Syrians were inhuman terrorist villains, rather than oppressed victims striving to be freed from daesh?
  16. Comics Shipping the Week of 5th of March of 2018

    The changing room of madness?
  17. Comics Shipping the Week of 5th of March of 2018

    Wildstorm and the complete Scud The Disposable Assassin: my copy of that is so waterdamaged it's nearly unreadable, so it's nice to see Image finally getting that one reprinted.
  18. Marvel's One World Order

    Maybe he's off to IDW to write some more Empire now?
  19. DC Comics

    I thought Vertigo had finally given up on milking the Sandman when it's tits fell off a few years back? Either the imprint is in big trouble or Gaiman thinks that humouring them and writing a few series bibles (or whatever they call the things) will keep Daniel out of the JLA. Or both: the two aren't mutually exclusive, I suppose.
  20. Marvel's One World Order

    I'll probably be getting the bind up of that one when it's collected. It definitely looked interesting...
  21. Other comics we read recently

    The artist probably decided that chavs are scarier than goths during the designs, John. Just gone through a collection of the Wolfman/Colan Curse Of Dracula comic from '98. A fun read, but sadly the obvious sequel hook in the ending is now unlikely to ever be used.
  22. DC Comics

    It was pretty hard to follow that as an opening, to be fair.
  23. 2000 AD

    A Carlos Ezquerra colouring book? I'd have loved that thirty five years ago and can't say I'm not tempted now...
  24. 16 Comic Book Series Nobody Admits to Owning

    Those last two are both really nice character touches, but I'm not sure they belonged in a comic that just seemed to be an excuse for drawings of guns. No argument about the whole "Frank subscribes to Ebony" storyline being a ridiculous load of arsedribble, though. The daftest thing about that one, iirc, is that he gets made over because Jigsaw carved his face up while he was in prison, and while Jigsaw has never been able to get his own phizz patched up, a struck off plastic surgeon turned crack whore fixes Frank's face for him in a single procedure and develops a radical new treatment to turn him black while she's at it. This is where Jigsaw fails, obviously: instead of wasting all that money on plastic surgery, he should have just found a hooker with a drug habit. Christian, there is an excuse for buying at least one issue of Marville: as a desperate and underhand attempt to outsell Peter David's Captain Marvel by cheating, Jemas struck the submission guidelines for a "pitch us a new Max comic" talent search in one issue of Marville instead of a lettercolumn. The guideline was never published anywhere else, and (so far as I know) nothing came of it.
  25. 16 Comic Book Series Nobody Admits to Owning

    I'd've said that the big final twist in Black Kiss is a lot more embarrassing than any of the sex scenes, myself, but that's getting into spoilers, John. I'm dubious that Tarot belongs on that list. If Balent wants to draw tits and blather about Wiccans, let him. It's pretty harmless next to most of the '90s bad girl comics and swimsuit issues (why are only the Marvel ones named and shamed over those, btw? Most of the image companies and a fair few of the '90s indies used to churn out swimsuit issues as well), and most of the humour seems to be intentional as well. It's more along the lines of a far crappier Empowered than dreck like Marville. And as Christian has already said, that Black Widow series is a perfectly good thriller, despite a couple of BDSM scenes, it just isn't as good as the first two miniseries about the replacement Black Widow. A really embarrassing comic that isn't on the list is that Punisher Arsenal thing, or whatever it was called. An annual-sized comic that was just splash pages of guns with crypto-technical blather. That was definitely one of the more shameless examples of '90s Punisher milking, and the whole set of it would probably have cost a lot more than that year's edition of Jane's Gun Guide (or whatever it's called), which the artist and writer probably just copied the details out of...