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  1. Harry

    Hellblazer #246

    Yeah, definitely a lackluster finish... 245 wasn't great, but it seemed like the story could have gone somewhere interesting, but instead we get even more people going crazy, which just felt done to death, and John defeating a demon off-panel. This was pretty much the definition of a filler story.
  2. Phillips gets my vote. Whenever I imagine John Constantine, it's pretty much always a Phillips image. That dude's untouchable when it comes to facial expressions.
  3. Seconded! My favourite superhero book ever - shows how peronal and heartfelt a hero book can be. Can't wait to read it again. Glad to hear this Brave & The Bold idea's been nixed. JSM writing Contantine... guh. I don't think I could handle that.
  4. Harry

    Hellblazer #244

    I liked it. Did a really nice job of being a kind of filler story (in a good way), but also lookin like it's going to have some consequences in the future. The art was probably my biggest problem - just not my style, but it didn't detract enough to make the story unenjoyable or anything.
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