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  1. He wants to live in London, and Brixton's a melting pot with a bit of life to it, without being too overdeveloped and wanky. hmm, Brixton + wanky = Shoreditch, Brixton + overdeveloped = Chelsea, Brixton - murders = Clapham. I could do this all day. Brixton + murders - culture + (stolen goods x football hooliganism) = North Tottenham. I should have thought about where I was moving Brixton - meltingpot + city boys x poncey idiots = Islington This is rather fun!
  2. Well,as this is the first issue (and my first post here!) for 2 years, I would say...gawd I've missed the cheeky blighter. Now I just have 2 years of continuity to catch up on.
  3. Just finished Garnethill, and am very glad she has more from Mauri! I'm happy now!
  4. John- Babycham please Chas- John...I...well...I've been...erm...DAMN IT JOHN I LOVE YOU
  5. Is the film any good? I saw that it's on this Friday, starring David Hasselhoff. Has anyone seen this? Is it funny or just plain awful?
  6. Fucking good cover though! Very different to what we've come to expect. Oi Tim! Where's the textured background?
  7. Mnemnovore (or whatever the bloody hell it's called)
  8. The links on the page suggest the director, although I can only hope Goldsman isn't involved. With him and Michael Howard in the world it's a wonder that anti semitism isn't more widespread.
  9. Chuck Palahniuk's "Survivor" From www.chuckpalahniuk.net P.S. Fuck the war between Heaven and Hell, I know there's no God now.
  10. Actually, a quick thing- do you think they should change John's brand and what to? I'd like JPS just for the sly reference to John as a player. But I'd probably settle for B&H Silvers.
  11. Like it. 9. Not much more that hasn't already been said. If it hadn't been for the art it would be a 10. I appreciated what Carey was trying to do, but it didn't quite work.
  12. "Seriously guys, you need to get that sand out your vagina" :) I'm hopeful, but I'm not gonna speak either way until I've read issue 1 (or 216 or whatever)
  13. If any of you espanoles live in Barca and fancy a pint (1/2 litre, sorry) of beer this week, I´m hanging around las Ramblas all week, PM me or summat!
  14. Benny Fanboy

    Doom #1

    Michael 'Splatter' Stewart Steve 'Body Bag' Behling The new writing team for Hellblazer. "I'm a bastard, that's why I just magicked you to shit your own guts out oh somebody please think of the enviroment, the CHILDREN! Give me cigarette or I'll magick your brains out" I love it!
  15. Anyone know what ennis' plot in the computer game's like? I imagine he could have good fun with that one...
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