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  1. Oh come on. A thread for tepid questions? Each one should be inane and magical enough to warrant it's own thread. Thanks anyway :)
  2. It's different. That link is asking people to recommend ones they believe to be worthwhile this one is just sharing bits they think are awesome or amusing.
  3. This new one from cyanide and happiness is genius Same with Penny Arcade Haha! Good old Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal And finally, the wonder of Overcompensating... Got any good ones?
  4. Oh, I live in the UK. Thought that would help :)
  5. Just a quick one, is there a certain date every month (if it is monthly) that the new Hellblazer comes out or is it just random? Thank you!
  6. I can't believe you've missed John's post.
  7. Ohhh, thanks guys! They all sound awesome. *realises what he's going to spend the next few months doing*
  8. Hi guys! I was just wondering if you have any suggestions about good comics. I've read and love Preacher (and of course Hellblazer) and was looking for something else down this kind of avenue that's worth exploring. Thanks!
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