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  1. Has anyone here watched this thing? Is it worth the trouble?
  2. In one of the more resent issues, Mako (I believe was his name), murders the one mage by cutting his head off, keeping him alive while eating his body (and soul), and then throws the head in the fire... with the fuckin look on his face as it burned. THAT, was a haunting scene to me, and one that really kicked me in the small portion of my brain that isnt numb to violence.
  3. In my experience with multi-season tv shows and other comics, episodes like this pop up between great story arcs. I think, if we follow the pattern, the next story arc is going to blow this one out of the water in an attempt to restore balance to the universe. Some times, when a great story is brewing, you have to throw something quick together to stall the fans long enough to get out a solid piece of work.
  4. I'm pretty sure it was swampthing who made the joint
  5. I didn't find him to be cold hearted because of that particular "scene". As for me. I think the story was... lacking. I did like the narrative, but on the whole... there was no point to it. I mean, honestly, whats the plot? John shows up, leaves, nothings changed, nothings happened. Thats not a story...
  6. As a newer reader of hellblazer, it's often hard for me to judge the exact scale of John "power's". There seems to be nothing innately magical about him, and compared to other dabblers of the occult (Map for example), he seems relatively weak. What is the exact extent of Johns magic? He seems to utilize smaller tricks, using his wit to make them far more useful than they should ever be. It's also unclear if he has to prepare his spells before casting them. Obviously some spells seem to require intricate rituals. Other things he seems to perform on the fly. Lets make a list: 1. Basic illusions (Masking the yellow pages as a biblical text, his trench coat as a tuxedo, etc...) 2. Summoning spirits and demons 3. Warding demons and spirits 4. Bind demons and spirits 5. Exercising demons and spirits 6. Manipulation (forcing others to do his will... like when he turned the prison he was locked in into a mad house) 7. Astral projection 8. Hypnotism Feel free to extend the list as ideas come to you.
  7. I've been lurking here for a while... and thought I'd actually peep in with a question... I've been reading hellblazer for about a year now... and have done my best to catch up on the past with trade paperbacks. The character of Chas still remains highly undefined to me though. I was glad to start this mini serious to get a little insight to the character. I read the info I could find on Chas on the internet, but people don't seem to touch on him much. I guess I'm curious... 1. Why is he blindly loyal to john? He seems more like he's in debt than some one who gladly does favors. 2. Is he in any way "magical?" Does he have any training in the arts? Whats this "knowledge" we speak of? 3. Why is he still alive? The writers seem to love stringing the guts of any supporting character. I could understand if Chas was more of a side kick, and helped carry the story, but in general, he really doesn't show up in the grand scheme of things. Any ways... just trying to better grasp the character. Oh yeah, and I liked how they went into the studies of the two new taxi drivers... very interesting. A fact about the profession I had no idea about. It apparently takes alot to drive in london. Way cool.
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