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  1. Thanks for the tips Christian! I am definitely curious to see this HtD Vertigo spoof.
  2. Sorry for being late to the thread but can anyone give me a rough take on what "Criminal" is about? Also is any of the Marvel MAX stuff worth checking out (except for Punisher which I already know about?) or is it the typical Marvel stuff with superheros in garish costumes wrecking entire solar systems with only their thoughts?
  3. It's been ages since I've read Fear Machine and I forgot most of it but the scene where the bad guy kicks his henchman off the bridge and hangs him (#20, p17-18) really stuck with me for some reason.
  4. Just checked out 100 Bullets and wow I am definitely impressed! Probably should warn anyone checking it out not to give up after the somewhat mediocre first story arc, though. Thanks this is just what I needed while recovering from a Jenkins/Ellis HB slump.
  5. Wow that's quite a sell... I guess that settles it for me. I'm checking out 100 Bullets next.
  6. I am curious about 100 bullets? Is it character driven at all (like HB) and is there an overarching plot throughout the book or is it just episodic? Also Vagabond you were right about Hitman being hard to track down.. I couldn't even find it in CBR format. Strangely, for Preacher supposedly being an inferior comic it is much, much easier to track down.
  7. Thanks very much re the arkwright tip which definitely sounds worth checking out. I guess that's too bad about Preacher but I had a feeling it was going to be a bit ridiculous based on what I read on wikipedia.
  8. For HB fans (in particular fans of Delano/Ennis), I'm curious if someone could share their quick takes on any of these: (worth checking out or no?) Punisher Max Preacher (in particular is this mainly a comedy or a serious comic?) Transmetropolitan (I heard that this was very good but in my opinion Ellis' HB run was kind of weak) any other recommendations? thanx very much
  9. See, I found that arc entirely forgettable and silly. Don't get me wrong, I thought there was some great stuff under Ennis, but it sounds like we've got very different tastes--Jenkins is my favorite writer so far. Out of curiosity, what qualities do you really like in a Hellblazer story (art aside, because that's a completely different ballpark)? I enjoy the gloomy, depressing atmosphere of the book along with John's pervasive cynicism. You don't often see protagonists in fiction being such contemptible bastards. Delano's bitter social commentary is what got me hooked on HB in the first place. For me Ennis was a worthy successor to Delano... the transition between Delano's world and Ennis for me was smooth. On the other hand, when Jenkins took over it was just a jarring change in the character and setting. I don't think Jenkins ever got what HB was supposed to be about and I think that's what alienated a lot of readers. Jenkins' kinder, gentler John never squared with me. Beyond all that, Jenkins' sense of humor just became self-indulgent, obnoxious and tiresome.
  10. My big problem with Jenkins is that in every story Constantine is always confidently in control of the situation and he is never seriously tested. In contrast, my favorite part of Ennis's run was after Kit dumped John, seeing his downward spiral until #71 (which I think was a great story and conclusion). With Jenkins, John never seems very troubled at all about much of anything. Even in Sins of the Father, which might have detailed an interesting emotional conflict, it takes John what-- a dozen pages for him to reconcile with his dad? I mean come on... there's just never any suspense at all with Jenkins. Never mind the most oft-cited gripe which is the mind numbing dullness and forgetability of Jenkins' supporting cast--which I completely agree with.
  11. Hey everyone, I've been catching up on Hellblazer since issue #1. HB was the first comic I ever read and I absolutely loved Delano and Ennis. But I'm sorry to say-- Jenkins is simply dreadful. I've been slogging through his run, hoping things eventually get better. But after just reading #115, I've nearly lost all faith. I've lurked on this forum for awhile and noticed that some people actually enjoyed Jenkins' run. I'll never understand how that's possible, but I can respect differing opinions. My question is only for the people who really liked Ennis and Delano... does Hellblazer get better after Jenkins and does it ever again approach the quality of Ennis&Delano? Or should I just stop reading now and move onto something else? (If so, what other comics are in the same vein as the first 70 issues of HB) I am a bit discouraged to keep reading since I've noticed that Azzarello also doesn't seem to get much praise around here.
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